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What to Expect:

Thank you so much for agreeing to be a guest on the podcast, The Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship! I’m so excited to have you!!

The Zoom link will be emailed to you once you are scheduled.

  • Please DO NOT JOIN MORE THAN 5 minutes ahead of your time
  • Please make an effort to BE ON TIME so that others after you are not delayed
  • We will be recording WITH VIDEO, so please be prepared for that
  • We will NOT be editing the recording if possible. Be sure to use ONLY CLEAN LANGUAGE, and stay on time.

Remember, we want this to be AS ENTERTAINING AS INFORMATIVE, so bring your humor!

As a reminder, please have a GOOD MIC and be in a QUIET PLACE for the recording.

Questions? Email us at

Thank you!

Who Is Listening?

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Be As Entertaining as you are Informative!


There is 1 Guest Expert  on each episode.

They receive the Podcast Stories (aka entrepreneur messes) that an entrepreneur submits prior to the recording day.

On the episode they give their best tips, tricks, advice, tools, and suggestions to help the entrepreneur clean up their mess (aka solve their problem).

The topics for the Guest Expert segments are chosen by Guest Expert themselves. The topics need to be super specific and be able to be covered in details in the 10 minute segment. Pack in the value!!

We record 5 espisodes (2 segments for each episode) each month one right after the other. Each segment is 10 minutes long and we schedule them 20 minutes apart beginning at 2:00 pm MT on the 2nd Thursday of each month… at least we try to, so watch the schedule closely.


Entrepreneurs submit their messes (aka questions or problems) for our experts via email or website. We call these the Podcast Stories.

Our Experts will then provide the entrepreneur with tips, tricks, advice, tools, and suggestions to clean up their messes.

We invite the entrepreneur to join us during the recording. (Yep! That means advertising for their business!) We are looking for 3-4 entrepreneurs per episode.

THE SECRET SAUCE: We invite the entrepreneur back in 30 days to reveal how the advice worked or didn’t work.

This is how we all learn and grow! This is the “proof in the mess”.

Any entreperneur is welcome to also remain annonymous if they choose.