ROGER copenhaver

Sales Coach | Trainer | Consultant | Founder of Connect Utah

Roger Copenhaver has been sales coaching, training and consulting in Corporate America, primarily with 4 Fortune 100 companies. His specialty was turning around low performing teams and building a thriving culture within sales organizations. He created a national mentor-ship program, implemented to 700+ B2B outside sales consultants.

Currently, as a sales coach, Roger helps businesses grow through practical, no-nonsense, sales methodology and practices. He helps business owners and sales teams improve in their sales abilities and in growing their bottom line, along with focusing on more profitable business. He does things differently, not focusing on trying to get people to be what they aren’t, but instead focusing on what their strengths and natural abilities are.

Roger also disrupted the business networking space as it is today. He wanted more than what the choices out there offered, so he founded CONNECT Utah in 2015, a fresh and new approach. It quickly became the largest business networking community in the Inter-mountain West, along with having the largest online business social networking community in the West. He often speaks of the 5 C’s of successful business networking.

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