PAM langord

Marketing Implementation Strategist

Pam Langord Marketing Implementation Strategist and a self-professed technology tamer/systems wrangler and tech geek! She has been called everything from a Tech Fairy to the Wizard behind the curtain. She is a career professional who spent 25+ years as the “Can Do Kid”, “behind the scenes Buddha” for a variety of businesses ranging from engineering to luxury real estate and live theater before launching her own successful technical services agency in 2013.

After seeing many amazing entrepreneurs struggling because of their back end systems (or lack thereof), she began curating a small team of highly-skilled, like-minded associates who love applying their talents and expertise to make individuals and small businesses shine and stand out in the marketplace.

While her personal zone of genius is the design, build-out, and management of backend systems for busy coaches and other entrepreneurs in the online, she has created a high touch, boutique, one-stop-shop for her clients so they can get off the hamster wheel and get back to things that bring them joy.

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