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EP 71 | Niching Saves Your Mess

It's time to find out how to build your space for greatness so you can make your riches. Listen as our expert, Katrina McGhee shares her steps to niching...

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EP 70 | Clearing up Messy Clarity

Finding clarity in life and business can be overwhelming. Listen in as our expert, Kati Kavo shares her advice on how to get clear enough that you know what...

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EP 69 | Facebook Ad Messes

Wondering if you should run Facebook ads? Listen in as our expert, Traci Reuter shares her advice on who should run ads, how to run them, and how to...

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EP 68 | Don’t Mess with Your Family

Work/Life Balance is something all entrepreneurs struggle with. We all started businesses for different reasons and most of us did it to have more time with family or provide...

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EP 67 | What Mess Do You Really Want?

What do you want? This is a question that many of us answer in a non-action-taking way. Listen in as our expert, Forbes Riley, coaches Nate and Sheila live...

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Episode 66 | Messy Client Attractions

Marketing is all about attracting the right clients at the right time. Join our expert, Jonny Cooper, as he shares his advice on how to get your clients flocking...

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Behind The Mic

Sheila J Davis

Sheila J Logan

Creator | Host | Speaker

Accomplished speaker, trainer, consultant, digital marketer, and mentor. Sheila loves analyzing business and “flipping” them so that they become the income-generating powerhouse businesses they were ment to be. Sheila also created YES! Women’s Network and Lock n’ Load Marketing to support her mission and purpose in life, to help women be as strong as they can be.

Nate Tucker

Co-Host | Speaker | Photographer

Nate has experienced many of life’s ordinary challenges, and plenty of unique ones delivered up just for him. Because of Nate’s physical challenges, he has had to achieve his goals a bit differently than most. Nate began sharing his motivating attitude and optimistic viewpoints at a young age, and has years of experience in public speaking, one-on-one coaching, and exposing beauty all around.

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