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Episode 77 | Messy Customers and Providers

Dealing with customers or clients can be difficult. Join our expert, Jeff Mendleson, and learn how dealing with difficult customers or clients doesn't have to be so messy.

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Episode 76 | Messing Up Work/Life Integration

The difference between work/life balance and work/life integration boils down to honesty. How? Join our expert, Peter Kozody, to learn the secrets of finally reaching the goal of having...

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EP 75 | Family vs Business Messes

Many entrepreneurs give up sleep to build a business while raising a family. Expert Connie Dowell shares her tips for how to manage it all instead of losing sleep....

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EP 74 | Start Up Mess to a Real Business

Being a startup can make some entrepreneurs stressed out and they often wonder how to know when they are out of startup phase, or even how they can get...

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EP 73 | Messing Up Goal Setting

Setting goals can be a chore... especially if you have trouble accomplishing those goals. Join us as our expert, Debra Eckerling shares her tips and tricks for setting and...

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EP 72 | Instamess or Instagram?

Instagram changes almost weekly said our expert, Sue B. Zimmerman. Listen in as she tells us the four places you need to be managing on Instagram to reach your...

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Behind The Mic

Sheila J Davis

Sheila J Logan

Creator | Host | Speaker

Accomplished speaker, trainer, consultant, digital marketer, and mentor. Sheila loves analyzing business and “flipping” them so that they become the income-generating powerhouse businesses they were ment to be. Sheila also created YES! Women’s Network and Lock n’ Load Marketing to support her mission and purpose in life, to help women be as strong as they can be.

Nate Tucker

Co-Host | Speaker | Photographer

Nate has experienced many of life’s ordinary challenges, and plenty of unique ones delivered up just for him. Because of Nate’s physical challenges, he has had to achieve his goals a bit differently than most. Nate began sharing his motivating attitude and optimistic viewpoints at a young age, and has years of experience in public speaking, one-on-one coaching, and exposing beauty all around.

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