NANCY becher

Small Business Growth Strategist | Writer | Trainer | Talk Show Host

Known as the Chief Flying Pig Wrangler, Nancy Becher is an internationally known small business growth strategist, writer, trainer and talk show host. Nancy is recognized for her authentic approach to helping business owners create and run their behind the scene business. Through planning and strategy, Nancy guides her clients to figure out where they want to go, what they want to do, and how they’re going to do it in order to make their businesses more efficient and cost effective.
Having been involved in small business herself for over 30 years Nancy has a great understanding of how to build and position success in your business.
Through her own journey of business growth, Nancy has spent thousands of hours learning the tools, techniques and strategies that allow her to show her clients how to run their businesses successfully for themselves. She does that through one to one coaching, her weekly podcast “don’t wait till pigs fly”, and her long running, successful mastermind program “Monthly Entrepreneur Growth Academy”. Her book, Baby Steps to Starting and Running a Small Business will be available soon. She has written for small business magazines, her blog has been published around the world, and she has thousands of followers on social media. Her most recent engagement is as a small business mentor for SCORE, a division of the United States Small Business Administration.

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