LINDSAY satterfield

Productivity Trainer | Coach

Lindsay trains and coaches people how to be productive – how to make that “dent” or difference – in a fast, fascinating, and “messy” world. She shows people how to have the impact they want in their work, their communities, and their personal lives, while staying calm, cool, and collected. Drawing on science-backed findings and the realities of today’s world, she teaches the mechanics of productivity – what it takes to make accomplishment a daily routine.

For over 13 years, Lindsay has worked with thousands of professionals in small businesses and large enterprises in international development, non-profit, for-profit and government sectors. She’s taken her work on the road traveling in the US and to places like Argentina, Peru, Tunisia, Rwanda, Indonesia, and more – because it seems everyone everywhere is looking for ways to survive and thrive in the information-saturated, constantly changing, always-on world of work (and life).

Lindsay recently expanded her business to make her training and coaching available publicly online. She works with people who are serious about the business of work and life – who know that time is precious and effort matters, and want to give their best to their duties and dreams.

Lindsay’s clients include The World Bank, USAID, International Finance Corporation, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, National Park Service, and more. Her articles on productivity have been published in Thrive Global.
What would you like to share on our Podcast?*: I can speak to productivity-related topics and skillsets – including topics/skills in these broad areas: motivation; mindset; vitality; method (systems/habits/routines/planning, and connection (productive communication, etc).

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