Episode 99 | Being Authentically Messy


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Episode 99 – Being Authentically Messy

“Turn off the social need for validation.” This is some awesome advice in this episode with Krista Ripma, marketing coach, launch strategist and co-founder of Authentic Audience Podcast. This is one of our favorite episodes and we hung on every word Krista said. We also had a total blast so it’s not only brilliant info but it’s super fun too!
“Authentic businesses inspire and prosper.” While that is a bold statement, it’s one that is very hard to argue with. “Being authentic is hugely beneficial to businesses as well as those they serve.” – Neil Patel

KRISTA ripma

Co-founder Authentic Audience


“How do we show who we are and what drives us? Our company is more than just the products and services we provide. I want to build a relationship with my customers so they trust us and become our best advocates.”

About Expert Krista Ripma

Krista is a marketing coach, launch strategist and co-founder of Authentic Audience, a full service digital marketing and ad agency dedicated to serving brands who foster the best in self care, self love, and self expression. Authentic Audience is the natural progression of Krista’s previous successes in building million-plus Instagram followings, tripling online awareness and engagement for her brands, and coaching hundreds of seasoned and novice business owners to find and speak their truth. She was recently featured in Entrepreneur Mag and Forbes and is the host of the Authentic Audience podcast.

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