Episode 96 | My Mess Got Plagiarized


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Episode 96 – My Mess Got Plagiarized

You work so hard on your products so when you see them being plagiarized it can be disheartening and, let’s face it, downright maddening! Listen in as our expert, Carla White, shares how she is disrupting the educational system so that you can protect your content. We had a lot of fun with Carla on this episode. She’s not just brilliant, she’s also super funny!

“You know you’re winning when you see you’re being copied.”

– Robin Sharma


“I was scrolling through a Facebook group one day and saw a video of a person showing my slides during a training. I clicked on the sound and found out that, even though my logo was on the slides, she was presenting it as her own content. Is there anything I can do, and how can I prevent this from happening in the future?”

About Expert Carla White

After getting an MBA, working at the Pentagon, and learning how to speak multiple languages, Carla White found herself living out of her car and eating leftovers off of people’s plates. She went from having $47 in her pocket to flying first class around the world through “power rituals”. Carla became the first woman to launch an iPhone app and now Hiro.fm. She has helped countless people transform their lives via her apps, public speaking, newsletters, seminars, and books. Her #1 bestseller app, Gratitude, has been downloaded by thousands, featured on Oprah, NBC, NYTimes, and countless other publications, and continues to grow in popularity around the globe. Due to popular demand, she launched the podcast Radical Shift, aligning neuroscience with ancient wisdom in a way that has never been done before.

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