Episode 9 | Balance the Mess of Family/Life & Biz


Episode 9 | Balance the Mess of Family/Life & Biz

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Leta Greene, Confidence Expert, shares ideas on how to take care of yourself, your family and create something that’s remarkable.

“You don’t have to make yourself miserable to be successful.”
-Andrew Wilkinson

Trish Thomason
Pooja Krishna
David Eggertsen

Today’s E-Mess: I have young children at home who are not yet in school. I want to help with the expenses of the family, but I can not go outside of the home to work due to the cost of child care, daycare, transportation and more. Plus I would like to be home with my children while they are growing up. How can I balance the client work I finally have coming in with taking care of my family? Is that even possible?

Trish: Balancing work and life with little kids can definitely be tough. You get a lot more flexibility as an entrepreneur when you get to have your own clients and control your time. The key is scheduling, planning, delegating and not feeling guilty for spending time with your family. As you bring in a little more income you can delegate more tasks including housekeeping. You have to accept help where you can. Say no to certain things you can’t do. Accept the time you have available, take in help and delegate what you can. Shoot for the stars, but understand that your priorities are a little different when you have small kids at home and that’s okay.

David: The key is systems with your business and your family. His family uses Teaching Self Government as a system to run their family (www.teachingselfgovernment.com). They offer tools to help train your children to self govern. It is more about quality of time instead of quantity of time. Whether you are with your kids or at work make sure you are all in wherever you are at. Be flexible and live life with purpose.

Pooja: The first thing to remember is the balance is always going to be dynamic and always changing. Don’t be hard on yourself and go with the flow. It is important to set up a system. She works on a split shift. She works in the morning and then again when her daughter goes to bed. Plan your work around nap times. Prioritize what is important on any given day. Make chores and fitness a family activity. You’re with your kids having fun and getting things done. They even listen to Ted talks as a family.

Michael Kawula’s e-mail – What you really need to do is take care of yourself, your family and create something that is remarkable that you are proud of and will have an impact on the world the way you really want. Don’t get caught up in the weeds or noise of online space. Follow the basic fundamentals of business and take care of yourself, your family and those you come in touch with. www.dinnertablemba.com

LETA Greene

International Speaker | Best-Selling Author

Balancing Family and Work

How little I can do to make sure I am presentable? When we are getting ready for the day we are usually getting ready from a place of shame and the feeling that we have to.

Make it systemized to save time.

Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable. If we are doing something everyday day because we have to, it sucks are brain energy. Our brains can’t be creative or in a problem-solving mode.

Give your kids a task and it could even be watching TV so that you have time to get ready for the day. She then takes time to shed the negativity, and she looks at her schedule to see how she needs to dress for the day.

Be very conscious as you are getting ready for the day to not say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a child.

Instead of putting on a mask of professionalism or confidence, we need to actually become those things. The way to become those things is to work on them daily.

Be very intentional about how you are presenting yourself to yourself.

We spend tons of time comparing ourselves to others in person and online. It doesn’t take from anyone else to like yourself. 83% of our thoughts are negative. If you don’t replace those thoughts with empowering and positive thoughts throughout the day you will self-sabotage.

If you are not balanced, you can’t begin to balance home and work.

It is not selfish to take care of yourself and your family first.

You can be humble and confident. Those are not conflicting because if you are truly confident you want feedback. You also want to help and serve people.

We can’t take responsibility for how other people are perceiving us, especially If we are showing up in a true and authentic place. If people are not perceiving us the way we want we can take that as feedback, but realize where the feedback is coming from.

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