Episode 87 | Messing with Customer Communication


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Episode 87 – Messing with Customer Communication

So many new businesses owner especially mess up customer communication. Our expert, Taryn Lipschitz, has worked with major companies and really knows her stuff when it comes to messaging and communication with customers. She may be young, but she’s one of the most brilliant marketers you’ll ever hear from!

“The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication, but by the response.”

– Milton Ericksonf

TARYN lipschitz

CEO Taryn Lipschitz Consulting | Co-Founder FSQ Consulting


“I know I have a great business but I can’t figure out how to communicate how amazing it is to my customers or clients. I’m also struggling to share my idea with potential partners and investors. If I can’t convince them about my product and services, my business will fail. Help! How do I communicate in a way that will help me succeed?”

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