Episode 85 | Messy Focus = Messy Life


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Episode 85 – Messy Focus = Messy Life

There’s something to say about someone who can really focus on what is important. They seem to get more done every day and always seem more together. They have more peace and an easier schedule. Funny enough… they also make more money! Who knew? Well, our expert, Vance Lindsay knows. He’s a Master Sargeant for the Army and he teaches decision making. Find out how to find focus and make better decisions in 4 easy steps! https://bit.ly/37QTupU

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

– Peter Druker

Vance Lindsay

VANCE lindsay

Master Sergeant for the Army National Guard

Guest Host: Cassie Kramer

Ep83 | Don’t Mess with Bookkeeping


“My brain is so scattered. I have so many ideas coming in all the time. I don’t know what I really want to accomplish or where I want to end up in a year. How can I find my focus and stay on track? How can I make better decisions throughout the day?”


Step #1

Write down your end goal. There may be several of these. Think today, next week, next month, etc all the way until you reach your dream.

Step #2

Write down your priorities. What is non-negotiable in your life? Your must-have’s. The things you really want out of life. Then number these in order of most important.

1. Family 
2. Spirituality
3. Financial Freedom

Step #3

Determine your courses of action. What do you need to do to reach your end goal? Write down as many as you need to write down. This is a brain dump of ideas to reach your dream.

Step #4

Go through your courses of action and run it through the priorities test. Does your course of action allow you to also keep your priorities?

Listen to the full episode for more on how to do these steps! They work! I promise it will help you find focus and a more peaceful and successful life as you move toward your end goal.

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