Episode 83 | Don’t Mess with the Books


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Episode 84 – Don’t Mess with the Books!

Many new businesses don’t understand the importance of bookkeeping until it’s too late. Some bigger businesses often get behind or make major mistakes. Join our expert, Cassie Kramer, as she explains the strategies and tools you’ll need to get your books started off right and/or get them cleaned up and prepared for tax season… which is coming up soon!

“Be the Mick Jagger of the mailroom, the Warren Buffet of bookkeeping, and the Bono of Stapler Selling.”

– Annonymous

CASSIE kramer

Bookkeeping Specialist | Speaker


“How do I manage my bookkeeping as a new business. I can’t afford a bookkeeper… and is there a way to fix my books once I’ve already gotten started?”

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