Episode 8 | Messes in the Systems


Episode 8 | Pinning Messes on Pinterest

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Pam Langord, Marketing Strategist, shares her tips and tricks for avoiding the messy systems and processes.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

David Eggertsen
Katie Mazzocco
John Chandler

What is a system and why do we need to have them?

David – Systems are all about making you more productive in what you do and helping you to be more efficient with your time. Systems should be saving you time and not using more of your time. Hiring a virtual assistant is often a great idea, so you can focus on more important tasks. David loves Trello for managing projects.

Most importantly a system should be saving you time and making you money.

E-myth by Michael Gerber is a great book to read and learn all about systems. The Four Hour Work Week By: Tim Ferriss is another great suggestion.

How do you create your system and where do you go from there?

Katie – Start with things that you do most often that you don’t enjoy doing the most or you struggle with and are the biggest time wasters. Once you identify what system you want to start with the goal is that you actually map out step by step exactly every single step. You can write it out or create an online document. You can create an operations manual where you keep track of all your systems in one place. Use that information by either saving yourself time and following the steps every time you go to do that activity or by outsourcing or delegating that activity. Asana and Trello both work well for tracking these systems. Systems save you time and become more efficient by streamlining the process and when you are to pass it off or outsource it then you have it all ready. When you are ready to grow your team you are prepared for the transition and can hand it over.

John – If you work on your own or you have a small team and you have a lot of clients, your time will fill up really fast. You need to learn to automate systems and processes as much as you can, so you can reinvest that time into other things and ultimately increasing revenue for the company.

Review all the systems and processes you do in one workweek. Write down how much time it takes you on average to complete that system or process. Then take the one area that takes up the most of your time and then look for a platform or system that can automate that. With the technology available today we can automate a lot of our business.

Facebook groups are a great resource. Ask how they are handling that situation and see if one of the suggestions will work for you.

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PAM langord

Marketing Implementation Strategist

What do we need to understand about systems and processes?

Use the KISS method – Keep It Stupidly Simple especially when you are getting started with your business. There are so many platforms and options. Start by listing what qualities you are looking for and what you can live with. Perfect doesn’t exist, you can then easily find the one that works best for you. Find the one that feels good to you and go with your gut. Don’t get distracted by other shiny objects.

What pitfalls do I need to watch out for in my systems and processes?

  • Use the tools that work best for you
  • Avoid overlapping and redundant systems
  • Prepare for growth when choosing a tool, but don’t overdo it.

Peeble in a Jar Theory – Start with the big rocks first. The big rocks are the key things like an e-mail list, CRM, and project management tool (Excel spreadsheet, Airtable). Then you bring in the smaller rocks and backfill with the details.

Use the tools you already have and you know how to use. You don’t need another tool until you outgrow the ones you currently have. If the tool is still working keep using it. Learn all you can to get the most out of your current tools.

Is it getting the job done for what I need it to do?

There isn’t a magic answer. Sometimes making a small addition can fix the problem.

Start by listing, creating and documenting your systems.

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