Episode 79 | The Messy Coaching Industry


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Episode 79 – The Messy Coaching Industry

Navigating the coaching industry and using online providers we haven’t met in person to help build a business can be sketchy at times. Join our expert, WendyY Bailey as she shares her tips for how to be aware of those who are just out to get our money, not to share real support. Find out how to tell the real guru from the fake ones.

“Become the person who would attract the results you seek.”
– Jim Cathcart

WendyY Bailey

WENDYY bailey

World-Class Business and Sales Coach | International Thought Leader | Sales Speaker


“What are my options for when a client (or multiple clients) won’t pay? The service has mostly been completed. We have already stopped what we had left on the project. Am I out the money or do I have options?”

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