Episode 60 | Messing Up Email Automation


Episode 60 | Messing UP Email Automation

Email marketing and automation will save any business time and money. When done right customers feel like they are being well taken care of. Join us as our expert, Tyler Garns, who shares his advice on how and what to automate and why. This is a great one for new businesses for sure!

“Instead of using technology to optimize processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.”
– Tony Zambito

TYLER garns

Box Out Marketing Award-Winning, World-Renowned Marketer

Which email and marketing automation service would you recommend for a business with 1000 or less subscribers?

Email marketing is one of the keys you need to utilize to market to your customers.

There are email marketing tools that are basic tools that you can utilize to put in your list of contacts and send broadcast emails.

The next step is marketing automation tools where you can set up automated sequences to do follow-up for you. Setting it up takes a fair amount of work and understanding.

Which category do I fall in? Do I need email marketing tools or marketing automation tools?

Automation doesn’t happen automatically, you have to build the automation.

What function will the automated tool take care of for me, so I don’t have to pay a person to do it?

The automation tool is almost like an employee. You have to train them and put the systems into place.

The end goal is to create a situation that builds a stronger relationship with your audience, builds trust, and requires less time and energy from you.

How can I build the most amazing experience for my customers?

It is more important to create an amazing experience for your customers.

If it tires you out, hire it out.

Many automation tools can automate marketing and internal workflow also.

The key is to understand where your audience is and how they interact.

Email, social media, text messages can all be automated.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the massive possibilities. Just start somewhere.

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