Episode 59 | Messy Podcasting … or Not


Episode 59 | Messy Podcasting … or Not

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our expert, Audrey Bell-Kearney shares what steps you need to take if you are thinking about starting your own podcast.

“A lot of people listen to podcasts because they want to learn something and be entertained along the way.”
– Alex Blumberg

AUDREY bell-kearney

CEO of ABK Media Group
& Founder of PodChix International

How can I build, run, and grow a successful active podcast for more customers flowing in?

The first step is to decide exactly what your show is going to be about. The second step is deciding who you want to talk to. Third, decide which marketing platform you want to use. Audrey has seen great success by marketing with Pinterest.

What are some things that we need to do when starting a podcast?

Think about these questions to help create your direction. There are many little tiny things that you need to decide.

What is your topic? What are you passionate about?

Why are you starting a podcast? Many people start a podcast as a tool to help grow their business. Like in Audrey’s case the podcast may also be a business itself.

What other quetsions should you be asking yourself?

How often do you want to record and publish podcast episodes?

Do you want to interview people or not?

What do you want your podcast to do?

How long do you want your podcast episodes to be?

You need to be consistent and plan it all out. You have to be passionate about what you are talking about.

Podcasting the New Sales Funnel?

Podcasting is the new sales funnel, but you can have fun with it and make a huge difference. It is a lot more fun, entertaining and less messy!

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