Episode 54 | The Mind is a Messy Messy Place


Episode 54 | The Mind is a Messy Messy Place

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, George Carroll, Author and Speaker, shares about the huge impact mindset can have on your business and your life.
“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.” – Steve Maraboli

GEORGE carroll

Author | Speaker

Can changing your mindset really improve your business bottom line?

Absolutely, yes! Mindset tends to be the messiest of all back-ends.

What would you say consistently helps create the results that we create in our lives and businesses?

Be Consistent

Our consistent actions create consistent results. Energy produces action that produces and drives results. Our thinking patterns and thoughts we think create the emotions we feel which create the consistent actions we take which create the consistent results.

We grow up with these limiting beliefs, so anything we find pain or resistance to we are going to push away. If you have money limiting beliefs you are going to push it away. We often self sabotage.

Sheila recommends the Compound Effect and 5 Second Rule books.

Two Steps Toward Our Goal

Why do we find ourselves taking two steps forward toward a goal or a dream and then taking two steps back?

The primary reason is that our brain has two major priorities: safety and energy conservation.

As an entrepreneur when we are going after our goals and dreams we are forced to step out of our comfort zone. The minute we do that our brain sends off a red flag because it wants us safe and to conserve energy.

When energy drops the chances of survival also drop, so the brain compensates.

When we think about our goals it triggers the motivation center of our brain but also triggers the fear part too.


The fear mechanism is designed to help us scan the environment to see if there is any threat or danger around that could kill us. If you stew in fear too long you come up with these fear-based stories and worse case scenarios and then procrastinate.

Any time we are thinking about goals and dreams we want to achieve immediately the brain is going to trigger off some fear so that we can scan the environment for potential threats.


One way we self-sabotage is that fear backs us into a corner in a comfort zone. Our values and beliefs drive our decisions.

The other way we self-sabotage is with internal conflicts with values and beliefs. Familiarity and comfort can become a value we learn growing up.

Our businesses force us to grow and step out of our comfort zone. We are often at odds because we need to grow our business, but we also value comfort.

Win the War

Once we recognize our fear and internal conflict, how do we win that war and overcome them?

Personal development should be such a high value for entrepreneurs because we can only go so far with will power and using our cognitive brain.

The challenge with these values and beliefs is that they are stored in the unconscious mind and we unconsciously run these habits and patterns over and over again without even thinking about it.

Change the Unconscious

We have to learn how to change the unconscious patterns. You have to learn how to utilize processes and exercises internally that can help you get aligned versus create those conflicts.

Get clear on your current values based on where you are and align them with your vision, mission, and goals not the values you took on from childhood.

Vision and Mission

What are the values that are most important for you to operate from now that are related to your future goals, vision and mission?

Come up with a quick definition for each one that allows you to write it down every day. Writing it down every day helps you to wire it in stronger. Instead of being invisibility influenced by old beliefs and values you are consciously digging those values you want to get aligned with into your unconscious.

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