Episode 52 | How to Not Have Messy Facebook Ads


Episode 52 | How to Not Have Messy Facebook Ads

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Amanda Goldman-Petri, Online Marketing Coach, teaches her 3 steps to a wholesome Facebook Ads strategy.

“Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a matter of being better at what you do—it’s a matter of being different at what you do.”
– Michael Porter

AMANDA goldman-petri

Online Business Coach

I have run a few Facebook Ads with little response. How do I make Facebook ads work best for my business?

Facebook Ads are technical and require a lot of strategy.

You may choose to delegate this task out to a Facebook Ads manager.

What goes into creating Facebook ads that convert?

3 steps to a wholesome Facebook Ads strategy that generates leads and sales:

The top of the funnel – type of ads that you run that build up an engaged audience that you can tap into later to get people to opt-in.

Awareness Ads

If you want to create ads that are lower cost per lead you can build up an audience using top of funnel ads which are awareness and authority ads.

These are content ads where you target interests, lookalike audience and you send out ads that are just content. These ads are meant to help your audience become aware of their problems.

Content ads that help them become aware of the possibilities of solving their problem and also help them become aware of the path to get to the possibilities.

Ads that help them become aware of how you can help them solve their problem and that they can know, like and trust you. It is per content with no call to action.

Action Ads

Next, you have a warmer audience to target with action ads. Action ads are where you are getting them to actually take action in your funnel such as opt-in.

For these ads, you want to mix it up with some that address emotional motivations, logical motivations, and ethical motivations that people might have to opt-in.

Agitation Ads

Next, you want to agitate that problem with re-targeting ads by reminding them of the problem that they need to solve. You will also assure them of all the objections that they might have.

Assurance Ads

Personal branding – you have to let them get to know you. People want to work with other people.

Having all these angles (awareness ads, action ads, agitation ads, assurance ads) allow you to scale up with a smaller budget.

Don’t run an ad to just get likes on your Facebook page. If you want to be getting a return on your ads you need to run the ad to an opt-in page (free gift) or a sales funnel.

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