Episode 5 | Messes in the Press & Keywords


Episode 5 | Messes in the Press & Keywords

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, we are going to be talking about what you do if you have a bad review. Later in the episode, we are going to be talking to Igor Mateski about content and keyword messages that you want to avoid.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great!” – Rockefeller

Michael Kawula
Mike Kawula
Roger Copenhaver
Trish Thomason

The Public Mess – How to handle a Bad Review

If you can make a comeback from a public mess that’s pretty incredible.

Don’t hide from it!

Mike – Love customer complaints. They are giving you a chance to fix it. It is when you are not out there talking about it that rumors start to surface. Get out in front of it. Be honest! If you made a mistake, own it!

Trish – You have to learn and grow from it and after you learn from it bury it. Bury it with positive reviews. Encourage your best clients and more people to write reviews, so that one drops down and people aren’t seeing it nearly as much. Instead, they are hearing from many more people that do love and appreciate your services.

Mike – If the review is online – be on it! Comment online. Send out an e-mail to be out in front of it if necessary.

Sheila – Then comment and say yes that happened and this is how we are fixing it. Give them a gift certificate to come back and try it again once it is fixed.

Roger – Acknowledge it and build that trust back with them. You have to become a problem solver and fix any issues before you can build their trust back.

Trish – It is very important not to argue with the customer online. Take the ownership. If there is a discrepancy take it off social media. Ask them to e-mail you and let them know that you want to get this fixed.

Nate – Most people just want to be heard. As the owner let them know that you heard they had a bad experience and you want to make it right.

Sheila – Let’s get out there and try to take care of our public messes the right way by owning up to them and taking care of our customers.

Ridgetop Virtual Solutions

IGOR Mateski

SEO Consultant

Content and Keyword Messes to Avoid

Our panelists and Igor Mateski discuss SEO, keywords, and content.

How do I choose and use SEO keywords?

You can no longer just pick a keyword and rank because there is a lot of competition now. Igor suggests instead of thinking of search engine optimization, we should start thinking about optimizing content for conversions. It is more of a phrase, but with a very intent focus. The phrases need to vary so they attract customers in different phases.

You have to know who you are talking to and what they are asking.

Keyword buckets are a great way to map this out. You map out each step and build out content for each stage. It is important to hit the right emotions and sentiment.

Blogs and blogging do work, but it requires a lot of research including psychological profiling of your target audience.

The key is producing content that is energetic and informative to read.

How much new content vs. curated content is needed?

Don’t use curated content on your website. Your own content and copywriting will do a lot better for your business and website long term.

Don’t waste your social media audience’s time sharing someone else’s content. Use their time to say something you would want to say. You don’t want to duplicate content over and over again. Populizr (https://populizr.com ) takes the URL you wanted to promote and it provides variations, so you are not duplicating exact posts. It creates up to 25 unique social posts. Then it is posting them across all your social media platforms.

You can be original without stealing other people’s stuff.

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