Episode 49 | Video Isn’t Always Messy


Episode 49 | Video Isn’t Always Messy

On our expert segment today we are going to be talking to Sheryl Plouffe. Sheryl has been seen by millions of people as a national TV broadcaster. She’s now turned that experience into her own business helping business owners transform their online presence and profitability with social media video.

“The road to success is always under construction.”
-Steve Harvey


As promised, below is the video of the podcast so you can see the equipment that we were discussing.

SHERYL plouffe

Video Strategist l Producer l Director l Speaker

What tools do I need to create higher quality videos for myself and my clients?

We often get caught up in the gear, tools, equipment, and resources when the message is the most important.

All those things are important, but the number one way to make higher quality videos is to have a higher quality message.

We are going to talk about equipment because it definitely helps create high-quality productions.

The core essence of what you need is something you already have – your smartphone. You have the ability to create high-quality videos wherever you go.

If you have a modern smartphone you are good to go!

  • A smartphone is technically ALL you need, but there are some accessories that can be useful.
  • If we want to make a business video and you want to keep the phone stable you may need a tripod. Sheryl recommends a basic tripod from Amazon. You will need to get a Smartphone bracket or mount for the tripod. Make sure you have the right bracket to fit your phone. Make sure it is high enough if you plan on standing.
  • Another great tool Sheryl recommends if you are on location is the DJI Osmo Mobile great for high quality on location videos. They even offer an entire kit for shooting video on location. If you can’t buy it all at once, you can buy one thing at a time until you have everything you need.
  • Grab Sheryl’s Video Creation Toolkit at www.sherylfreegift.com. This amazing resource includes suggestions for on-location, Smartphone and laptop video recording.

Remember it doesn’t need to be fancy and don’t overcomplicate it. Use your smartphone and just get started.

Sheryl’s offer: If people want to download my Video Creation Toolkit I’ve just updated it for 2020 and it includes a link to my Amazon storefront link which I talk about extensively in the interview. Free download here: www.sherylfreegift.com

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