Episode 46 | Prevent the Mess… Be Healthy


Episode 46 | Prevent the Mess… Be Healthy

On our expert segment today we are going to be talking to Cristina Alciati. Join us as we talk about how to prevent our health from messing up our back-ends.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

CRISTINA alciati

Personal Trainer l Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

How can being healthy and active affect my business? How do you find time as a parent and business owner?

You have to have a good plan in place.

If your not fit and healthy your business will suffer, because you are inevitably heading for burn-out. Take your calendar and plan your self-care first and everything else second.

Start with what do I need to be fit and healthy and have my brain sharp at all times and be in an emotional state that allows me to make winning decisions. Humans need to eat, drink, rest and be active.

It is not just about being physically healthy. It is important to have enough to eat, drink and rest too.

There are so many benefits to gain in your personal life and business when you actually schedule this first.

Plan out each week. Start by scheduling 8 hours to sleep each night. Then find an hour to do something for yourself that is not family or work-related. It could be reading a book or watching a TV show. Schedule your work.

Once your body gets used to you looking after it, then it demands you look after it all the time.

You learn better if you are moving. If you are busy with a big creative project it is beneficial to take a walk in the woods. The scientific evidence proves that being surrounded by all the greenery actual helps you relax a bit more and sharpen your thinking. It can often help us to become unstuck.
Being strong, fit, healthy and looking after yourself is a tool you have to grow your business.

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