Episode 4 | Disappearing Next Level Out of Control Messes


Episode 4 | Disappearing Next Level Out of Control Messes & Tech

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Lori Karpman Management Consultant, helps us get unstuck and overcome distractions.

“Human excellence is a state of mind.” – Socrates

Michael Kawula
Mike Kawula
Roger Copenhaver
Trish Thomason

The Silent Mess – Our entrepreneur had an online business and the site was just about to go live and the web developer disappeared and he had no access to the site.

Mike Kawula – If it is from an online standpoint make sure you have the source code and they are working in something that everyone can work in. Always have somebody to back-up. Hire someone to checking and duplicating the work of the first person, so it doesn’t impact your business. Especially when you are launching your business, you don’t want somebody that could pull the carpet from under your feet and your business is now on hold. Always plan for it, because unfortunately, it does happen. It also comes down to your style of managing.

Always be planning for the moments that don’t go the way you expect and taking care of your employees.

If you build and have a relationship, they won’t disappear.

Trish Thomason – The first time I had an employee not show up one day was the biggest shock to her. It is important to set up the right expectations with your employees and let them know how the process should work if they don’t want to work there anymore. Not every employee is going to stay forever, and it is not necessarily an insult to you, It is something that we can learn and grow from. You need to stay calm and set up the expectations so the next person you hire won’t leave you high and dry one day.
Company culture is huge!
Nate relates as a millennial. How to keep millennials around – make them feel connected (text, IG, Snapchat) get to know them and let them be heard.

Roger Copenhaver – Millennials are the ones that are going to be building are retirement. We need to be treating them with respect. We need to be thinking about the long game. The culture is going to exist within your company, with your clients, and with your contractors. The culture includes communication and setting expectations. In this day and age that might be sending a text message.

Put a little noise with communication before it becomes a silent mess.

LORI karpman

Speaker | Author | Consultant

The Messiness of Being Stuck

You should be making money doing something you enjoy.

Get Contol of Your Life By Mel Robbins – In order to get control of your life, you have to do what you’re passionate about.

How do you overcome the distractions and figure out what you love and get unstuck?

Why am I distracted? You don’t like what you’re doing or you’re procrastinating.

There are two kinds of procrastinators. One kind of procrastinator says I will just finish this first or I will just check my e-mail. The second kind is the type that honestly believes that they work better under pressure. They allow themselves to take the time for distractions because they keep saying they have so much time.

The truth of the reality is that people don’t work the best under pressure. When you leave these to the last minute it is your adrenaline that pumps in and you’re not thinking clearly or putting out your best product.

We procrastinate most of the time because we’re feeling overwhelmed by what the task is and we don’t know where to start.
Make a list of the things and projects you need to do.
Break down every single project into the most minute tasks.

If you take care of the small things, the big thing takes care of itself.

As you check the things off your to-do list, you become more self-confident, because you are feeling like you are accomplishing things. That gives you the motivation to then accomplish more.

When you make a list you actually can feel your productivity and you get confidence and it helps build your self-esteem.

Where do I focus my time and energy?

One of the reasons people don’t focus their time and energy is that we don’t protect our business time and revenue-producing hours.

During revenue-producing time focus only on business and revenue-generating tasks.

Sheila found great success by using the first two hours of her day to just focus on what she could do to make money that day.

Turn off the distractions during working times. You can still have an appearance on social media, you just have to schedule that time or doing it during non-working hours.

When you are working on your work you are not doing anything else. You are working on your work.

It is not a good idea to multi-task, because then you don’t get anything done properly. You need to concentrate on one thing, finish it and then move on to the next. If you are doing too many things at one time, nothing is getting 100% of your focus.

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