Episode 33 | Messy Start in the Wrong Direction


Episode 33 | Messy Start in the Wrong Direction

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Kat McLead, Business Coach, discusses new businesses and what to do if you need to pivot or build the business you truly want.

“Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.” – Jeffrey Zeldman

KAT mclead

Business Coach

I’ve started my business, but it seems that I may have missed that beautiful space where I loved working and I wonder how can I find that sweet spot?

This is SO common! You mostly will pivot your business in the next 3-5 years as you grow and evolve.

There are actionable steps that can make your current business more enjoyable.

Ask yourself is there a part of my business that I enjoy the most. Do I enjoy any part of my business? Niching down further into that area may be key. Release being fearful that you are going to lose clientele because usually, you gain higher-level clients the further down you niche.
When you find the subset of your business that brings you the most pleasure and that is going to attract the people that know you are their person.

If you are in business and being successful, but honestly can’t say there is a part you enjoy that is okay too. Once you start a business and you have success and are able to get clients you can repeat that.

Business is repeatable!

This time you are going to pick your right idea, reach your target audience, and make that offer and solve that problem for them then you can success on your terms. This time you are going to make sure that you choose what feels good and you love your business from you from the start.

You will find the most business success and actually enjoy it by narrowing it down your business down to exactly how you want to help your clients.

When you really go specific you attract those clients, they appreciate you more and you get to work in your own zone of genius.

Any tips for niching down? Many people are very reluctant to niche down.

When you get a letter in the mail that says dear resident we don’t even take the time to read it. However, if I get a piece of mail address to a very specific audience that addresses us we would definitely take the time to open it and read it.

Niching down gets the attention of the target audience you like working the most with.

When you try to land everyone you actually don’t land any clients. It allows you to focus on the clients you really want to help and work with. When you niche down you attract a better quality of person and people that more resonate with you.

When you niche down your branding, your messaging, programs, and you become more clear.

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