Episode 31 | Be Grateful or Be Messy


Episode 31 | Clear the Messy with Gratitude

On our expert segment today we are going to be talking to Scott Colby. He is the founder of Say It With Gratitude. He is going to share how to use gratitude to grow a business and the benefits of unplugging.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous

Expert Scott Colby

How do you stay motivated and positive when you are lacking a good support system?

  • First, start by focusing on what you can control. We can’t control other people’s thoughts and actions. See where you can have more gratitude and appreciation in your life.
  • Model the way with gratitude!
  • You can’t spread it to others if you don’t feel it and live it in your heart.
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Don’t only journal what you are grateful for, but go deeper and express why you are grateful for it.
  • What can you do to flip the gratitude switch and find the awesome in negative situations? Take a minute to appreciate what you do have at that moment. It will help you to have a more grateful heart.
  • Handwritten notes are a great way to express gratitude and have a profound effect on others. It takes a small effort from us but makes a huge impact especially in this digital age. This works great in our business and personal lives too.
  • Your goal is to develop a habit of gratitude and really live it. When you are truly living a life of gratitude you can spread it to others.
  • Sheila suggests writing encouraging messages on index cards, carry with you, and give them out to others.
  • Start with looking inward. You can not affect what is outward until you affect what is inward.

Often done is better than perfect!

It’s alright if clients see some of you messy back-end. It lets them see that you are really human. They connect with you and resonate with you more. Download and Subscribe now for the full story! Scott’s Offer: Go to www.SayItWithGratitude.com to download a digital copy of his book, The Grateful Entrepreneur, as well as a tips sheet: 29 Ways To Use Gratitude To Grow Your Business
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