Episode 27 | Balancing the Mess


Episode 27 | Balancing the Mess

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our expert, Christy Ogle talks about how to have that family and work-life balance.

“I think being in love with life is a key to eternal youth.”
-Doug Hutchison


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I am so busy with my business and family. What is the secret to having a good life while I am building my business?

Many of us build a business to have the freedom and flexibility to put our family first.

Have a calendar with the kids’ stuff and family stuff that you don’t want to miss. It is important to keep family first and that starts with putting it on the calendar. You only get 18 summers with your children.

Treat your business like a business.

Put the phone away and other distractions, so you focus on running and building your business. You can’t build a business by putting out fires all day.

When you are done working for the day be done.

Christy protects her evening family time for family dinners and other family things and will not schedule work meetings or commitments in the evening. Be present in family times! Be 100% focused on them during family time.

Setting boundaries and holding tight to them is very important.

If we break out boundaries one time in the evening by replying then that gives them permission to break your boundaries.

She protects her personal cell phone number only her business number and e-mail. They don’t need to get ahead of you 24 hours a day.

Work on your business when you are working and be with your family during family time.

Set expectations with clients right from the start by sharing business hours and expectations. Once you break that boundary once they are going to expect it from you every single time.

If you don’t put yourself first, you can’t take care of your family. If you don’t put your family first, you can’t take care of your business. Your business is so that you can spend time with your family.

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