Episode 15 | Facebook Ads, Organic Growth, Chat Bots… It’s all a Mess


Episode 15 | Facebook Ads, Organic Growth, Chatbots… It’s all a Mess! & Tech

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Elly Hurley, Chatbot Trainer and Creator, helps sort out the messiness that comes from Facebook ads, organic growth, chatbots and more.

“Don’t say anything on social media that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.” -Erin Burry

Paul Sokol
Roger Copenhaver

Today’s E-Mess from Roland Vantasser, mortgage lender: My goals have centered around generating business through organic Facebook interactions versus paid Facebook marketing. Using my business page rather than my personal profile, however, seems to be the most effective way to manage a social media business funnel. How do I most effectively generate good leads through my Facebook business page?

Paul – Since you would want to look for both sellers and buyers you would want to develop a funnel for each one of those. Since the mortgage industry is a personal face to face industry I would get in the habit of producing one-minute videos on your core topics. Once you know what your topics are the are relevant to your target audience you would create a 3X3 video grid. It works well because it mimics an actual human relationship where people first have to know you, then have to like you and then have to trust you. The top layer videos are getting to know you and need to include why videos explaining why you do what you do. After they watch those videos they can move on to the mid-layer which is the how. These videos share how to do things and positioning yourself as that expert. The bottom layer videos are the what videos where you are actually making that call to action.

Roger – Roger highly suggests he keeps doing videos that tie to the community and bring the emotional senses in. Tie into emotional branding. We have so many opportunities in social media to provide free education. Do shorter video clips, but also bring in specialists from like type of businesses. Find ways to keep their attention.

Have your core 100 connections that refer to you and you refer to them.

When you are talking organic reach keep in mind that it is the long game, probably 6 months minimum.

Often people believe they have to choose only organic and paid. Boost the posts that are doing well organically and expand to more audiences. Go look at your competition and see what types of ads and posts they are creating.

ELLY hurley

Chatbot Trainer & Creator

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is something that automates the conversation you are having with your customers on Facebook Messenger. It can be utilized on other platforms as well. Eventually, we will be talking about using chatbots across all messaging platforms.

The chatbot is the voice that you create for your channel. You can have a chat bubble on the side of your website. They can ask the chatbot questions and you have already preprogrammed it with the answers to questions your customers may be asking. If that question is the one question getting them over the line to work with you, then the chatbot has answered that question and done the job.

The chatbot is always there answering questions, interacting and guiding you and directing your customers in relation to where they need to go.

Chatbots are set up on keywords. Chatbots customize for each specific customer. Chatbots can ask customers questions and direct them to exactly where they need to go. The conversation becomes very personalized very quickly. The answers are very short and simple and instant.

Chatbots for Instagram and What’s App are coming in the next 6-12 months.

The chatbot guides people exactly where they need to be in their particular journey with you.

One of the mistakes she sees is trying to get the chatbot to do everything from the beginning.

The chatbot is more effective than e-mail because of the opening and click through rates. Using e-mail a 25% open rate is great and the click-through rates are .6% – 2 ½%. In a chatbot, the open rates are over 80% and the click-through rates are between 35%-100%.

The key is that your content is being consumed. If you can get people to buy into what the content is that you are giving them then they are more likely to take the next step.

The biggest difference is that chatbots and messenger are very conversational so it is a two-way conversation from the start. If you can see the text on the screen of your phone it is too long, because people aren’t going to scroll. You need to share bite-sized chunks. Treat it like a conversation.

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