Episode 14 | Improve Productivity from Eliminating Messy Planning


Episode 14 | Improve Productivity from Eliminating Messy Planning

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Katie Mazzocco, Small Business Strategist, shares her strategies for saving time and avoiding burnout while having a more balanced, abundant and impactful business and life.

“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.” – Margaret Thatcher

Roger Copenhaver
Alyssa Burgoyne
Lori Karpman

Today’s e-mess comes from Ava Gosling: I have made many mistakes and learned from them over this past year essentially running everything myself. Is it a good idea to let somebody else run my brand’s social media since I feel that my time and limited energy are better used elsewhere? How do I manage my time and be more productive?

Roger Copenhaver – Branding yourself with video is important. The piece about giving away your social media is like removing some of your identity and giving it to somebody else. I would recommend giving out other parts of your business possibly to a VA. If you are your brand then you are giving away your video. Roger suggests finding something else to source out instead.

When you are your brand you can’t hire that part out. You may be able to outsource the ads, but the video still needs to be you.

What kind of planning and strategy can Ava do moving forward to find other things to take off her plate?

Lori Karpman – I am a big believer that you should be spending your time doing what you do best and what you like to do. It is best to hire someone’s expertise to help with a project you don’t know how to do. How you manage your brand is how you manage the person you outsourced the work to. They need to have a clear understanding of what your brand is. You need to spend your time on the things that are revenue producing and the things that you do best. Just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you should be the one doing it. There is value in outsourcing activities that are going to cost you less then your revenue would be had you spent that time on a revenue-producing activity.

What is it that you do best that is how you make your living and that is what you should be doing the most of.

Alyssa – She highly suggests working in a time blocked fashion. Start your day with the things that require the most focus and attention. As the day goes on schedule things. You can block in an hour or half-hour increments whichever works best for your business. It is really important during that time that you turn off all distractions including your social media and cell phone. We often have an unrealistic expectation of what we can actually get done in a day. Make a list of 10 or fewer things so you can also have time for self-care and downtime. Time yourself with your tasks so you know exactly how much time each task actually takes.

If you are part of your brand you still need to be doing the live videos, but someone else can manage your posts, engagement, and hashtags.

Make a to-do list of everything you need to get done. Look at it in the morning and pick out 3-5 things that are the most important. You become more productive.

If you can’t accomplish three things from your list, start small. Pick one or two whatever you can achieve that day. Baby steps are better than no steps.

KATIE mazzocco

Founder & CEO | Author | Small Business Strategist

You aren’t meant to be a machine. It’s possible to save time and avoid burnout while having a more balanced, abundant and impactful business life.

When you are doing your talent that is your natural gift you are spreading love in the world.

What is your number one system that entrepreneurs must have?

The number one system that every entrepreneur needs to have is an extremely clear to-do list and project management delegation system. It is all about managing yourself and your team. Without these things in place, we tend to waste time constantly. Katie uses Asana for her to-do list, project management, and team delegation.

It saves so much time when you have it all in one place. It can be your digital brain.

If you check your e-mail it disrupts the top three things you should be working on that day.

It keeps you on track and working on your goals.

One of the biggest things that derail productivity, forward movement, and achievement in entrepreneurs’ success is they are over committed to things or have too many pots boiling on the stove. As entrepreneurs, we are wired to start things, but we have to harness that and finish the things we start to make the impact we want to make.

There is an initial excitement and purpose and we can often get bog down by all the business stuff, but if we are smart about the next steps we are able to stay focus.

If you are someone that has your own business, it is important that the things you do regularly are just running on autopilot. A tool like Asana allows you to set those repeating task reminders so that you remember to do them as needed.

You have taken the things that are constantly in the back of your mind and it lets them happen on autopilot. It also helps you be ready to delegate those tasks because they are tracked and organized in one place and you have a process.

Marble Jar Principle – Every piece of information that is a routine process is a marble (doing a FB live, newsletter, etc.). When you empty those marbles (all the steps of the process) out of the jar by documenting and writing out a system or making a video you actually make it so you have more space in your brain, time in your day, and something that used to take you 2 hours now takes you 45 minutes.

You have freed up time and energy to make a greater impact.

Katie’s Offer: I’ll be offering for listeners to download my checklist of 33 Systems Every Small Business Must Have to be Successful (link: https://www.fullspectrumproductivity.com/33-systems/)

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