Episode 13 | When Fear Causes Messes


Episode 13 | When Fear Causes Messes & Tech

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Lindsay Satterfield, Productivity Trainer, shares her advice on how to not let fear hold you back and cause messes.

“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

Roger Copenhaver
Annie LaCroix
Alyssa Burgoyne

Today’s E-mess: Nikki Nelson – the entrepreneur – owner and operator of CR Effects.
She sometimes feels overwhelmed and afraid of making a change when she’s growing and she’d like to know how she can overcome this feeling of fear to be able to stretch into the person she wants to become.

This is actually something that lots of entrepreneurs experience. They know they have to follow this path to be able to grow but then all of a sudden they hit this wall of fear. We can almost say it’s the fear of success and the fear of failure combined in one, also known as Imposter syndrome.

Alyssa shares her best advice for overcoming this fear. She talks about her experience with imposter syndrome and how she was able to overcome it with mindset work. She suggests Nikki to either listen to some encouraging podcasts or even working with a mindset coach.

You have to believe in what you are offering and you have to believe in yourself. So, once your mindset is in the right place it will help you to move your business forward.

Nate reminds Nikki that she always has to think about how people are different and even though she might not feel as good as her competitor, she might be the perfect expert for her client.

Roger’s best bet is to get a mentor, someone that’s already successful in that niche and can give Nikki some guidance. You need to be able to ask them and pick their brains, usually, in 10-15 minutes a mentor will be able to take you from level 10 to 15.

Annie shows Nikki how to look at failure from a whole different perspective. She tells her that she needs to know that there’s going to be failures. But that’s actually a positive thing. Just change your wording and say it’s a learning curve, it’s not a failure it’s a learning process. Just approach it differently and think about how you are going to adjust to reach the goals you want to reach.

LINDSAY satterfield

Productivity Trainer | Coach

Lindsay says that as an entrepreneur you will always have to deal with fear. It’s part of being successful, it’s part of how we are wired as human beings. You need to recognize that our brain will always look for risks, that’s just the way how our unconscious brain works, it’s a natural response.

Don’t let yourself down if you are criticized by only 1 person if you have 100 other people that already worked with you and that love your program.

You just need to learn how to balance your perspective. Humans are pack animals, we don’t want to stick out but as an entrepreneur, we do stick out, which is just naturally uncomfortable and is based on our survival instinct. When you are putting yourself out there you have to work on your mental balance in order to reach the goal that you have set for yourself.

One of the things you can do is write down your goal and write down why it’s important for you.

With that method, you will create a new neuron network. Motivation is a neurochemical process and opens up the learning center. So, when you attach a meaning to it you trigger the neurochemistry of motivation. By looking at your goals every day as if they had already happened, it’s going to start to open up your motivation and that will counterbalance your fear.

You need to learn how to re-train your brain to think differently.

It’s a chain process: Thoughts – Feelings – Action – Result. So, you want to dig deeper underneath that fear and see what is it really that you are afraid of. Take a look behind that and start to restructure your way of thinking. Ask yourself: “Where I want to go and the next action I am going to take. Where do I put my attention?” If you focus on your next action you immediately will relax and that fear will fade away. Why would we have courage if we wouldn’t have fear! It’s all connected as you see!

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