Episode 108 | Burned Out Messy Life & Biz


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Episode 108 – Burned Out Messy Life & Bizs

Life can get lost while building a business and in the end, both lives and businesses end up with messy back-ends. Listen in as our expert, Vanessa Zammy, shares how using a parking lot can help get you out of that jam!

“We don’t start businesses for fun but to turn them into something unimaginable. We burn out because we want to prove to ourselves and others that we can build successful businesses.”

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Business Coach, Speaker, Bestselling Author


“When I started my business I thought I would have more time and freedom, but what I have found is that I went from a 9-5 to a 24-7 and I’m exhausted! What have I done wrong?”

About Expert Vanessa Zamy

Vanessa Zamy is a business expert, keynote speaker, and bestselling author dedicated to helping full-time employees transition to entrepreneurship by building their business while employed. Her consulting company, Your Vision’s Catalyst, coaches and advises 9-to-5ers on how to build a profit-producing, purpose-driven business without the overwhelm. It’s not hustling that’s bad, it’s how you’re hustling that they fix. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, Vanessa Zamy works with you as a new entrepreneur on taking care of your life while also taking care of business. Her motto: keep it simple, then keep it movin’! Vanessa’s background includes a Management Science and Engineering Degree from Stanford University, and strategic leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies.

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