Episode 106 | Messing Up Virtual Events


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Episode 106 – Messing Up Virtual Events

Virtuals events are becoming more popular in the current times, but actually having a successful event and making money is way harder. Amanda Engler shares how to stop making messes with your virtual events and how to monetize these events.

”It is essential that with the ever-changing events industry, we as event professionals, commit ourselves to continued growth, being on the forefront of event technology and delighting attendee experience.”

– Joe Schwinger


“I’m finding that virtual events don’t have the same effect on my prospective customers as live events. How can I help my virtual events be more effective and make more money?”

About Expert Amanda Engler

Amanda Engler loves helping event professionals work with their dream clients and get paid what they’re worth without working insane hours. She launched the Facebook community Event Professionals: Explode Your Profits & Protect Your Time to show other event profs they don’t need to choose between a career they love and financial stability.
And, many event professionals today have removed burnt out from their lives and more financially free thanks to Amanda and her online programs. Today, as the fearless leader of this thriving community of hundreds of event professionals, Amanda is passionate about showing others how to make the shift from event planner to entrepreneur.
In addition to her programs, Amanda also works one-on-one with motivated event professionals who want to scale their business fast. Her talks on
best business practices, mindset shifts, event planning, and virtual events resonate with event professionals around the world.

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