Episode 104 | Developing Messy Businesses


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Episode 104 – Developing Messy Businesses

Forbes Magazine says, “In the United States, 45% of businesses don’t make it past five years. 65% don’t make it past ten years. Yet everyone who ever starts a business backs themselves to beat the odds. Optimism can be blind and naivety can be bliss, but is it possible to predict if a business will become a roaring success or a damp squib of a failure? The trajectory is only partly defined by the idea, the rest is in the execution of the idea. The quality of the execution is shaped by the doers. The leader and the designers and the marketers. The rest is up to market forces and the ability to adapt.”
Nate Tucker, co-host of The Messy Back-End Podcast and amazing photographer once said on the podcast, “Yes, failure is optional, but I would instead say that failure will happen. It’s what you learn from it and what you do about it that counts.”
– Gary Chapman
Rochefel Rivera


Business Development Consultant/Digital Skills Trainer


“I’ve gotten started with my business, but now I’m starting to wonder if I’m on the right track. How can I be sure I’m going to succeed? How do I know if I’m on the right track and find more success?”

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About Expert Rochefel Rivera

Rochefel Rivera, started in the online workspace in 2013, with her humble beginning as a Virtual Assistant. Her passion for training, speaking, consulting, and business development led her to wear many hats, in the hopes of motivating people to rediscover themselves and follow their passion, resulting in building their dream business. From simply sharing her digital marketing and business development skills in her Youtube channel, Roche attracted people sharing the same passion and vision as she has, growing her influence and network of online professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Her high regard for growth, collaboration, and relationship building helped clients find their purpose while building an effective business model based on their passion, reach their goals through digital marketing and enjoy the lifestyle that they want while having enough time for the things they value the most. With friends having the same goal as her, Roche also led to establishing a national-based cooperative that aims to raise the bar of the Filipino Online Professionals industry, help attain sustainability and growth in the virtual workspace.

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