Episode 100 | Messiness of Back-End Finances


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Episode 100 – Messiness of Back-End Finances

As a new business owner or even a CEO of a major corporation, we need to understand the finances of our business. For most of us, this isn’t our expertise. However, there are a certain amount of specific financial strategies and problems we have to be aware of. Plus, we have to make sure they are being taken care of correctly or it could be our downfall. Charlie Poznek,  COO of Do it! Marketing, breaks it down for us in this episode.

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”

– Benjamin Franklin

CHARLIE poznek

COO of Do it! Marketing


  • Do I really need a budget?
  • Are all expenses the same?
  • How do I know if I’m pricing my services and products the same?
  • Do I really need to look at detailed financial reports every month?

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About Expert Charlie Poznek

Charlie Poznek is the COO of Do It! Marketing, a firm that helps experts build and grow their business. He really enjoys being a COO as most days present different and interesting challenges. It’s also very rewarding when clients share their successes on a regular basis. Charlie is also a former podcaster having done a few episodes (428 to be exact) back in the earlier days of podcasting.

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