Episode 1 | What is the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship?



Episode 1 | What is the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship?

In this episode of the Mess Back-End of Entrepreneurship, we talk about what is a messy back-end and how to know if you have one. Our Expert, Dawn Chitwood will help you figure out what that mess is and what to do with it.

“One of the most common ways for the modern person to maintain self is to keep busy” – Daniel Putnam

Nate reminds us that sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to notice something.

Often we can try tweaking some things to help processes smoother, to give me more time to focus on my business or give us more time or freedom to do the things we would rather do in life.

Sheila shares that most people start their business out of passion. They start a business and realize what it all takes on the back-end.

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Michael Kawula
Michael Kawula
Roger Copenhaver
Roger Copenhaver
Trish Thomason
Trish Thomason

Mike Kawula tell us systems are key to business success. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Take care of your customers. Treat each customer like they are the best thing in the world because they can also become your best source of referrals and grow your business the fastest.

Sheila shares the golden nugget that once you get a customer or client keeping that person should be a priority.

Roger Coppenhaver helps us to focus on the sales side of the messy back-end. Salespeople and business owners will spend all their time on other parts of their business, but they often forget to sharpen their sales ability. 90% of people have never taken formal or informal sales training.

Trish Thomason reminds us to have a plan and prepare in advance because you can’t control everything and that will really help with your messy back-end. You can’t know everything or do everything, so you need to bring people in that can help you do the stuff you don’t have time for and put your energy into the stuff that will bring you income.

How The Messy Back-End Got Its Name

Sheila shares that the messy back end got its name from teaching her daughter how to drive. Listen to hear the whole story.

Expert Dawn Chitwood

Something has to go when you are trying to balance everything. You just can’t do it all! It is important to talk about what can be messy and talk about what needs to change in order for you to make the progress or accomplish the goals you want to accomplish.

You know you have a messy back-end because something doesn’t work. The challenge is identifying where the disconnect is. When you’re not accomplishing those goals then something is messy.

E-myth is a great book to read to figure out what is and is not working.

Never ever compare yourself to someone else. We always fall short there! We are all wading in the muck.

What is the back-end?

The front-end of our business is our branding, marketing, and social media. It’s part of our business that everyone sees… the beautifuly branded front-end, we affectionately call it.

The back-end is the business side including accounting, finances, WordPress dashboard, social media, client work, e-mail marketing and so much more.

The important part is determining what we need to embrace and what we need to fix in order to move forward and accomplish what we need to feel good about our business.

There are some things that your not good at that you can’t hire out yet, and that becomes a little messy. Maintain to the point that your business can run for now.

Often done is better than perfect!

It’s alright if clients see some of you messy back-end. It lets them see that you are really human. They connect with you and resonate with you more.

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