CRISTINA alciati

Personal Trainer l Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

Cristina Alciati from SMART Fitness Makeover is a UK based Personal Trainer and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist as well as a lifelong student of martial arts and other dangerous things. She works mostly with women to help them honour their bodies by establishing healthy habits, discovering fun ways to improve their fitness and get in great shape as a result. Why SMART? Because every woman has a Sexy size, the one that makes her feel most powerful. She gets there by sorting out her Mindset. She is always Amazed when she achieves what she thought was impossible. She feels Rejuvenated in the end thanks to a Three-dimensional approach to achieving her goals.
Her specialties are hormonal fitness and fat loss, menopausal fat loss, autoimmune disorders, PCOS, the study of movement and body sculpting.

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