ANNIE lacroix

Annie lacroix

Podcaster at Brainy Boss Podcast | Speaker | Business Strategist | Entrepreneur | Massage Educator

Annie is a parallel micropreneur and host of the Brainy Boss podcast. Annie, a self-proclaimed brain science geek, is passionate about teaching leaders and owners to protect their time with a vengeance. Therefore, her bio is short, saving you time to get other stuff done. If you want more, go to Brainy Boss and find it there.

JO dodds

Jo works with one based coaches and consultants to improve their productivity, well-being and business success in these days of overwhelm, whether that be physical, mental or digital, using her POWER to Live More 5 Fundamentals of Simplify, Systemise, Share, Self Care and Sustain. She does this via her ‘POWER to Live More CALM’ membership site providing Community, Accountability, Learning and Materials for home based coaches and consultants.

DAVID eggertsen

DAVID eggertsen

Entrepreneur l Motivational Speaker

It seemed as soon as the decision was made to create a digital marketing team that could serve many searching prospective clients was made, the marketers suddenly appeared. I think they were looking for a company they could put their trust in as much as our prospective clients were looking. It’s the perfect place to find what businesses need and the perfect place for marketers to work in an environment custom made for them and their desire to serve and support growing businesses.

Dubbed as the “systems” guy, David is brilliant with creating, executing and managing effective systems in life. From creating online systems for your business, to financial systems to help you better plan and save, to communication systems within the family to strengthen relationships; David is a master. As an entrepreneur in web development and IT systems management for over a decade, David has helped thousands of people to streamline success both in their professional and family life.

ALYSSA burgoyne

CRM’s, automation, lead generation, and business processes are the building blocks that create a rock-solid foundation to support a business from day one. Sounds exciting right? Too bad it’s not for most entrepreneurs!

That’s where I come in!

My name is Alyssa and I help business owners just like YOU grow their businesses online without taking additional time out of their already full schedules.

PAUL sokol

PAUL sokol

People know Paul Sokol for his passion and key understanding of the “customer journey” and using automation to truly enhance your customer’s experience. Fun fact: he founded a non-profit Keep Children Rockin’ in 2015 which provides music equipment and repair donations to underfunded elementary and middle school music programs.

WENDY maynard

WENDY maynard

Business Consultant | Marketing Strategist
Wendy Maynard teaches service-based business owners the fastest and most effective way to grow their companies to 6-, 7-, and 8-figures. She’s helped thousands of people over the last two decades build highly-profitable businesses. Wendy co-founded a multi-million dollar marketing firm, wrote the book Marketing from the Inside Out, and now has a new 6-figure business at that focuses on authentic online marketing, creating Signature Offers, and generating a steady stream of premium clients.

LETA greene

LETA Greene

International Speaker | Best-Selling Author

International speaker including two TEDx speeches and author of two best-selling books, Leta Greene doesn’t want to intimidate any of you, but she is known as “HOTNESS.” At 12, she won the Boy Scout arm wrestling competition. None of those boys ever asked her out. Leta majored in Sign Language and graduated with honors. Ironic, she is REALLY good at not talking!

Leta inspires each of us to embrace what makes us individually hot and amazing. As an image consultant and makeup artist since 1999, Leta has helped clients to not only look their best but to feel their best. Leta has also built a multi-million dollar business in the beauty industry and is a sought after trainer for women entrepreneurs.

Her message is one of honoring yourself through being authentic to who you are. It is through humor, stories, and a new way of seeing every day that makes Leta’s audiences of all ages want to hold on for more! Her programs range from Maturation programs for 5th-grade girls, Confidence workshops for tween and teen girls, Joy-full workshops for women Seminars for parents on how to talk to your kids about sex, and as an energetic Keynote speaker for confidence and seminars on resiliency, personal responsibility and of course the Hotness Factor. 

Leta is the mother of Nathaniel, Alisa, and Katelynn. Who Leta and her husband agree are the most adorable children. Just follow her on Facebook and you will see that they are amazing. She says her kids and hubby bring it home for her; anytime she thinks she is too cool, it’s time to cook dinner. She considers her greatest accomplishment that her hubby and children still like her.