TINA pittman

Tina Pittman is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Tax Coach. Tina also received her designation as a Certified Global Management Accountant from the American Institute of CPAs and her MBA degree from Campbell University. She is the founding member of Your Accountant LLC, and specializes in tax resolution services, proactive tax planning, accounting, and CFO services.

Tina is the author of Straight Talk About Small Business Success in PA and co-author of Amazon’s Best Seller WriteOffs To The Rescue.

Tina has more than 30 years of experience in tax preparation/planning, accounting, and business consulting. She started her career when her husband opened a small business. With her business experience and education, Tina is in a perfect position to help small business entrepreneurs with profitability and reducing tax liability. Over the years, Tina has seen many small businesses struggle due to high tax burdens. Tina is an expert in resolving tax burdens and has put thousands of dollars back into the entrepreneur’s pocket. Tina has become a known proactive tax planner even with her peers as she educates tax preparers in providing value-added services.

ALEXA bigwarfe

ALEXA bigwarfe

Author Coach l Writer l Publisher

Alexa Bigwarfe is a wife, mother, author, publisher, speaker, and author coach. She has published numerous books of her own and for many other writers and entrepreneurs through her author coaching and hybrid-publishing company Kat Biggie Press ( Kat Biggie Press is dedicated to sharing women’s works of inspiration, self-help, and books that make the world a better place. Her children’s book imprint, Purple Butterfly Press, publishes books of encouragement, inspiration, self-love, and healing for children and parents. She is also the founder and producer of the Women in Publishing Summit.

ANGELA henderson

ANGELA henderson

Business Coach

Founder of the highly successful online store Finlee and Me, Angela taps into the decade’s worth of knowledge of how to grow a thriving enterprise and pours it into her business consulting clients. As a business consultant, she partners with start up and small businesses to grow their brands through hands on support, ensuring foundations are laid in order to leverage growth. Her skills were honed at the helm of Finlee and Me, where she learned everything from branding, PR, sales funnels, email marketing, website, copy, SEO and more. She knows what it truly takes to have a strong brand, consistence sales, steady growth and over all dedication. Angela has been featured in the media including Talking Lifestyle with Ed Phillips and David Koch, Inside Small Business and on numerous Australia and International podcasts.

SCOTT maderer

SCOTT maderer

Human Behavior Consultant l Coach l Speaker l Trainer

In 2017, Scott and his wife Carrie started Inspired Stewardship as a business to serve Christian men and couples that are struggling to live out their calling. They work to help align the way you use your time, your talent, and your treasures so that you can identify and live a fully authentic life that allows you to authentically live your calling, serve others, and provide for your family. As certified Human Behavior Consultants and members of the John Maxwell Team, they focus on helping you understand yourself, understand others, and through that understanding build the Kingdom. Scott and Carrie through Inspired Stewardship are living out their own calling that started with a call to coaching in 2011 and has slowly grown to a full-time business through one on one coaching, speaking, and workshops.

KATRINA mcghee

KATRINA mcghee

Author l Speaker l Entrepreneur

Katrina McGhee is the empowerment advocate equipping you to take charge of your life and accelerate your career. As a best-selling author, speaker, and former C-Suite Executive, she brings a unique insight into what it takes to confidently stand out, speak up, and immediately amplify your impact. Her strategies are the secret sauce you need to lead and succeed.

Through her books, Loving on Me global women’s movement, and her Career Success Academy, Katrina has inspired and ignited thousands to achieve their highest ambitions. Her courses in leadership development, executive presence, and professional communications equip high performers with the tools they need to take their career to the next level. Whether serving as a career strategist or corporate trainer her goal is always the same – unleashing your unimaginable success.

DAVE charbonneau

DAVE charbonneau

Business Growth Specialist

Dave Charbonneau, Founder
GetResultsClub, Online Accountability Groups for Solo-Entrepreneurs

► I’m a Family Geek:
→ I have 6 kids (whew!)
→ I’ve remained successfully unemployed for over 14 years (some years more successfully than others; see below).
→ I’m a church-going man who used to drive limo on the Las Vegas Strip

► In Business:
→ I run GetResultsClub…
→ Providing a Bulletproof System of Accountability and Support for solo-entrepreneurs…
→ Showing people how to GROW their business when they don’t have TIME to grow their business (in as little as 15 Minutes A Day)

AMANDA goldman-petri

AMANDA goldman-petri

Online Marketing Coach

After overcoming poverty, child abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, and near death, Amanda Goldman-Petri was able to persevere and grow 5 successful businesses by the age of 27. After perfecting her system for growing businesses, Amanda began her coaching career as founder of, where she teaches coaches how to grow multiple 6-figure businesses without the hustle or sacrifice. After generating over half a million dollars in sales in 4 months and expanding her business to 31 different countries, Amanda became internationally renowned as the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Online Marketing Coach.

While she was happy with her own results, Amanda realized true success as a coach is dependent on your client’s results. She therefore shifted her attention to how she could make a bigger impact in her clients’ businesses and lives. This led to her invention of a series of quick cash injection campaigns that her clients used to generate nearly a million dollars in sales in less than 60 days. Amanda has been featured on major media outlets such as Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Small Business Trendsetters, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Worth Magazine, International Business Times (and more). She was named one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by Influencive, as well as an Under 30 Up and Comer by The Tampa Bay Business Journal.



Therapist l Coach l Writer

Whitney Boole, MA LMFT is a therapist, coach, and writer with a private practice in Hermosa Beach, California. She provides individual therapy as well as therapy for relationships. Whitney runs a Facebook group for people who are healing through divorce, and believes that pain serves us by fueling growth and ultimately offering empowerment.
Whitney is a single mother with three kids including ridiculously wild twins. She laughingly explains that they enjoy climbing everything and leaving uncapped markers in their wake.
You can find Whitney’s book You Got This: Healing through Divorce on Amazon and other places where books are sold. Her new online intensive course includes an exclusive support group and coaching to help people heal through particularly traumatic divorces with difficult or toxic exes. It will soon be available on

EP50 | Avoid Automation Messes


YES! Women's Network


Episode 50 – Avoid Automation Messes

On our expert segment today we are going to be talking to Austin Openshaw. Austin has devoted the last seven years to helping small businesses grow. He believes that taking any business and making it run smoother and more efficient brings the most satisfaction.
“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriat Tubman

AUSTIN openshaw

Small Business Strategist

Austin has devoted the last seven years to helping small businesses grow. He believes that taking any business and making it run smoother and more efficient brings the most satisfaction. Austin held several different positions during his five years at Infusionsoft, making him knowledgeable in all areas of business and software. Austin enjoys adventure…after traveling the U.S. in an RV with his wife and six kids for a year, he and his family recently settled down in North Carolina. They live on six acres and have 22 animals, including donkeys, chickens and goats.

LORI lyons

Lori is a non-technical person living in a technical world. As a web designer and marketer, she strives to help her clients with marketing confusion in simple everyday terms. She marries the woo and the doo and uses stories and analogies to make the complex simple. Lori has over 30 years as an entrepreneur and marketer, has overcome life-threatening trauma and, in spite of physical challenges, maintains a sense of humor and fun about life. She loves her Atlanta Braves baseball and enjoys her backyard bird habitat.