Episode 35 | Don’t Mess the Podcast Seat


Episode 35 | Don’t Mess the Podcast Seat

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Mark Deal, Podcast Director, discusses the importance of having a website as a podcaster.

“The medium of podcasting and the personal nature of it, the relationship you build with your listeners and the relationship they have with you—they could be just sitting there, chuckling and listening… there’s nothing like that.” – Mark Maron


MARK deal

Podcast Director

How do I track listeners? I can only really see where to find out how many downloads I have. It seems to me that it not the real number of listeners.

You can go into Apple Podcast Connect and look at how many listeners you have that are on IOS 10 or later (which is a small subset of the listeners) and see where they drop off. Check how many people are listening to the front, skip your ads, and how many people make it to the end.

Treat downloads as your leading indicator.

Sponsors and advertisers don’t typically ask how many listeners you have. Instead, they ask how many downloads you have. Most sponsors want shows with at least 5,000 downloads per episode in a thirty day period. That is 7% of all podcasts.

Your website is another great leading indicator.

If you have a podcast coming out on Monday, and a spike on your website on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is a good chance they are visiting your website. If you podcast episodes point to a specific page or post on your website then you can gauge the number of downloads I get versus the number of people that visit the website.

Focus on where you want to drive the needle – do you want more people to visit your website or listen to your show. Once you decide, against accordingly depending on what you want.

What are some great ways to drive podcast downloads?

There are two places to go to get podcast listeners. First, go where your podcast listeners are and be present with them on that social media platform in a nonspammy way. Second, go where people are listening to podcasts. Go seek out those shows to be a guest on and be interview there. Go on podcasts that are relevant to your market.

Do you think podcasters need websites?

If you are spending the time and doing all this work to create and produce a podcast then you absolutely show have a website. People are going to be able to find you a whole lot easier. Many people search Google for podcasts or search for topics you have in your show notes and those will bring them to you. Google is actually ranking websites with podcasts higher.

On a website, you can also showcase your guests and help give them more publicity.

Check out Marc’s Facebook’s group: Podcast Guests Experts https://www.facebook.com/groups/PodcastGuestExperts/

Check out Podserve an awesome podcast platform – podserve.fm/messP

Episode 34 | Social Messes Nobody Cares About


Episode 34 | Social Messes Nobody Cares About


Thank you to our co-host Renee Charbonneau for filling in on this episode! Renee is an online marketing strategist who really knows her stuff. 


In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Bryson Tagart discusses how to use social media to get your customers or clients to follow you on social media.

“We need to activate your fans. Don’t just collect them like baseball cards.”

-Jay Baer

BRYSON taggart


Your customers really don’t care about what you actually do…

They care about YOU and what you can do for them. Don’t just post information about your business. Your customers really don’t care about your passion. 

They want to know what you’re doing, who you are, and how you can help then.

Bryson has a photographer following his wife and himself around to capture the “real life” of their realtor. They love seeing that he is a normal person, he is a great husband, and his wife and he have loads of fun.

Why would they work with you?

It’s about personal branding these days. Customers want to hire a real person, not a business. They want to know the individual behind the brand.

If they like you, then you’ll have a better relationship with your customers because they will be attracted to your personality as much as your skills.

It’s all about them, not you or what you do! 

Listen in as Bryson shares his tips on how to build relationships with your customers on social media. 

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Episode 33 | Messy Start in the Wrong Direction


Episode 33 | Messy Start in the Wrong Direction

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Kat McLead, Business Coach, discusses new businesses and what to do if you need to pivot or build the business you truly want.

“Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.” – Jeffrey Zeldman

KAT mclead

Business Coach

I’ve started my business, but it seems that I may have missed that beautiful space where I loved working and I wonder how can I find that sweet spot?

This is SO common! You mostly will pivot your business in the next 3-5 years as you grow and evolve.

There are actionable steps that can make your current business more enjoyable.

Ask yourself is there a part of my business that I enjoy the most. Do I enjoy any part of my business? Niching down further into that area may be key. Release being fearful that you are going to lose clientele because usually, you gain higher-level clients the further down you niche.
When you find the subset of your business that brings you the most pleasure and that is going to attract the people that know you are their person.

If you are in business and being successful, but honestly can’t say there is a part you enjoy that is okay too. Once you start a business and you have success and are able to get clients you can repeat that.

Business is repeatable!

This time you are going to pick your right idea, reach your target audience, and make that offer and solve that problem for them then you can success on your terms. This time you are going to make sure that you choose what feels good and you love your business from you from the start.

You will find the most business success and actually enjoy it by narrowing it down your business down to exactly how you want to help your clients.

When you really go specific you attract those clients, they appreciate you more and you get to work in your own zone of genius.

Any tips for niching down? Many people are very reluctant to niche down.

When you get a letter in the mail that says dear resident we don’t even take the time to read it. However, if I get a piece of mail address to a very specific audience that addresses us we would definitely take the time to open it and read it.

Niching down gets the attention of the target audience you like working the most with.

When you try to land everyone you actually don’t land any clients. It allows you to focus on the clients you really want to help and work with. When you niche down you attract a better quality of person and people that more resonate with you.

When you niche down your branding, your messaging, programs, and you become more clear.

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Episode 32 | Brand My Mess


Episode 32 | Brand My Mess

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Jay Owen, Marketing & Branding Guru, discusses how to make our own stories about our customers so that they really resonate with our message.

“People trust those who understand them, and they trust brands that understand them too.” – Donald Miller

Branding is part of the front-end and the back-end of the messy. It is so easy to focus on what your clients need that you don’t take care of your own company. It is often hard getting to the point where we are working on the business and not just in the business.

Good messaging so you can tell your story well is a big piece of that.

We changed the framework of about how we talk about ourselves and our clients about two years and have seen enormous growth.

The story is not about us. It is about the customer’s wants and problem. You need to invite the customer into the story. We emphasize with their problem and show that we have the authority to solve that problem.

How do we change our mindset on this?

Bringing in outside counsel and being willing to listen and admit that we don’t know everything. You need to change your company perspective first, and then invite your customer into your story.

Sell your strengths. Buy your weaknesses.

Sometimes it is our job to guide the customer where they need to go and sometimes we need to ask for their input.

Jay’s company helps customers build out a marketing blueprint and story brand to help tell their story in the way that invites the customer in.

Jay’s Offer: Building a Business That Lasts by Jay Owen at https://getjaysbook.com

Episode 31 | Be Grateful or Be Messy


Episode 31 | Clear the Messy with Gratitude

On our expert segment today we are going to be talking to Scott Colby. He is the founder of Say It With Gratitude. He is going to share how to use gratitude to grow a business and the benefits of unplugging.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous

Expert Scott Colby

How do you stay motivated and positive when you are lacking a good support system?

  • First, start by focusing on what you can control. We can’t control other people’s thoughts and actions. See where you can have more gratitude and appreciation in your life.
  • Model the way with gratitude!
  • You can’t spread it to others if you don’t feel it and live it in your heart.
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Don’t only journal what you are grateful for, but go deeper and express why you are grateful for it.
  • What can you do to flip the gratitude switch and find the awesome in negative situations? Take a minute to appreciate what you do have at that moment. It will help you to have a more grateful heart.
  • Handwritten notes are a great way to express gratitude and have a profound effect on others. It takes a small effort from us but makes a huge impact especially in this digital age. This works great in our business and personal lives too.
  • Your goal is to develop a habit of gratitude and really live it. When you are truly living a life of gratitude you can spread it to others.
  • Sheila suggests writing encouraging messages on index cards, carry with you, and give them out to others.
  • Start with looking inward. You can not affect what is outward until you affect what is inward.

Often done is better than perfect!

It’s alright if clients see some of you messy back-end. It lets them see that you are really human. They connect with you and resonate with you more. Download and Subscribe now for the full story! Scott’s Offer: Go to www.SayItWithGratitude.com to download a digital copy of his book, The Grateful Entrepreneur, as well as a tips sheet: 29 Ways To Use Gratitude To Grow Your Business
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Episode 30 | All Systems Mess Means Full Stop


Episode 30 | Solve Messy Hiring

On our expert segment today we are going to be talking to Jo Dodds. She is known for her 5 business fundamentals that help with productivity and business success.

“In order for any business to succeed, it must first become a system so that the business functions exactly the same way every time down to the last detail.” – Rick Harshaw

How do I evaluate if my systems are working for me and how can I adjust them so I can live my life and not my business?

First, if you are living your business and not your life that is a good evaluation that your systems are not working for you.

Start with what you want your outcome to be. Be really clear about what you want your business and your life to look like. Take the time to work it out and plan it out.

Systems are fluid and may need to be changing or adjusting. It is really trial and error figuring out what systems work best for you.

You can just change the process if it is not working or tweak it. Once you recognize that something is taking too long then it is time to change the process.
Jo uses Asana for her systems. She also recommends To Doist, Evernote or even pen and paper.

When you get stuck in procrastinating you may want to consider outsourcing or you could automate with a program like Zapier. Every time you find yourself putting something off there is a problem with your process.

How do you figure out what you need to do on a consistent basis?

Often if we don’t have a process, it just won’t happen.

If something seems to be too hard or too long, I try to find a tool for that. Zapier is a tool that Jo has used. You could also set up canned responses in your e-mail.

If it tires you out, hire it out!

Tracking is an important part of systems.

You can use your tracking to evaluate your systems and if their working.

We all have messy back-ends.

Link to Jo’s Offer: http://www.powertolivemorecalm.com

Episode 29 | Self Doubt is Messy


Episode 29 | Self Doubt is Messy

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our expert, Dana Pharant teaches us how to overcome the self-judgment and self-doubt that holds us all back.

“Stay out of the court of self-judgment, for there is no presumption of innocence.”
-Robert Brault

DANA pharant

Business Performance Coach | Author | Speaker

Breaking the Loop of Perpetual Judgement

We talk about the fraud syndrome and feeling like an imposter and that judgement comes up and lies to us. It is important to have tools in place to shift that mindset.

We actually have the ability to pick up the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of everyone around us whether they are in the same room are we are scrolling through social media. The majority of what we are feeling isn’t even ours. What if all the crud you feel is not even yours.

You are the culmination of the top five people you spend your time with. Let’s start talking even bigger. There are so many people feeling like a fraud, not good enough, etc. and that amplifies our feelings and we think there is an insurmountable problem we can’t overcome when most of those feelings aren’t even ours.

We have to decide what energy we are going to let in and amplify. We need to focus on positive energy.

If we take our energy field and just allow it to extend out as big as the universe, then you are so spacious that nothing can stick to you. You can still be aware of everything going on around you, but it doesn’t have to impact and stay stuck in your body.

Expanding out all of the time and being aware that the majority of what you perceive is not even yours are the huge keys to unlocking this constant self-doubt.

The Wind and The Wall – If we imagine that other people’s stuff (emotions and energy) is post-it notes when we contract in and do the shield and bubble we are a wall. You can stick a ton of post-it notes on that wall. If you expand out like the wind and become really spacious you can’t stick a single post-it note on the wall. You end up feeling like you have more space, freedom, ability to move, and dance around what’s coming at you because you have more awareness and can sidestep it.

Dana’s Offer: Free copy of Become a Badass In Business – www.innerdominatrix.com

Episode 28 | Messy Tools Can Create Havoc


Episode 28 | Messy Tools Can Create Havoc

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Steve Dotto, TV Show Host, discusses how to choose and use the right tools for your business.

“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” – Thomas Edison

STEVE dotto

TV Show Host l Executive Producer l Speaker

How do you choose the right tools for your business?

The tools that we use are so important in the success our businesses have. Often we think the wrong tool could even be detrimental and unfortunately, we don’t have time to test and evaluate all tools. We often become paralyzed and don’t even apply the tools.

You look at the tools you are interested in and make sure they can do the tasks that you need them to be able to do.

The key is to make a decision in a reasonable amount of time. You make sure it is the right decision by fully vesting in that product. You learn to use the product. You don’t spend all your time wondering about features it doesn’t have. You figure out how to make your business work with the features it does have.

You make it the right decision by how you embrace the tool.

Switching over once you have invested and really embraced a product it is so much work that is almost never worthwhile. It doesn’t matter if another tool would do one thing more elegantly. I will get that process done because I know how to use that tool. Once you have made the decision, don’t look back.

Once you are on a capable platform, what you do moving forward is going to determine your success. Learn the tool inside out.

What do I do if technology scares me?

You just need to dive in. Make a decision and learn everything there is to learn about that program.

How do you know when you need to hire your technology out?

Once you know the tool intimately, then you are able to hire it out. Check out Michael Hyatt and figure out what your time is worth. Once you break it down and figure out the value of your time. When you know the tool really well that helps you to hire the right person as well.

It is your responsibility to learn all the levers and powers in your business.

Episode 27 | Balancing the Mess


Episode 27 | Balancing the Mess

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our expert, Christy Ogle talks about how to have that family and work-life balance.

“I think being in love with life is a key to eternal youth.”
-Doug Hutchison


Coach l Trainer l Author l Speaker

I am so busy with my business and family. What is the secret to having a good life while I am building my business?

Many of us build a business to have the freedom and flexibility to put our family first.

Have a calendar with the kids’ stuff and family stuff that you don’t want to miss. It is important to keep family first and that starts with putting it on the calendar. You only get 18 summers with your children.

Treat your business like a business.

Put the phone away and other distractions, so you focus on running and building your business. You can’t build a business by putting out fires all day.

When you are done working for the day be done.

Christy protects her evening family time for family dinners and other family things and will not schedule work meetings or commitments in the evening. Be present in family times! Be 100% focused on them during family time.

Setting boundaries and holding tight to them is very important.

If we break out boundaries one time in the evening by replying then that gives them permission to break your boundaries.

She protects her personal cell phone number only her business number and e-mail. They don’t need to get ahead of you 24 hours a day.

Work on your business when you are working and be with your family during family time.

Set expectations with clients right from the start by sharing business hours and expectations. Once you break that boundary once they are going to expect it from you every single time.

If you don’t put yourself first, you can’t take care of your family. If you don’t put your family first, you can’t take care of your business. Your business is so that you can spend time with your family.

Christy’s Offer: You are just one decision away from freedom, flexibility & breaking free from that box life. Go to the onedecisionawaychallenge.com & see if Sometimes Spouse can help you put your family first.

Episode 26 | Messing Up the Hiring


Episode 26 | Messing Up the Hiring

In this episode of the Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship, our Expert, Ryan Kohler, Entrepreneur, teaches us how to build our team from the ground up.

“Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do.” – Malcolm Forbes

Bootstrap Hiring

We start out as ourselves, but as we start to hire the more trust you need to have and train them. It is a fallacy that at some point we will get to a point and things will get easier.

If you are successful and growing things will never get easier.

The problems continue, but we get better at dealing with bigger and better problems. As we grow we need to be able to release, trust, create processes, trust other people’s opinions, elevate them, and mentor them. There is a progression where you go from being the doer to people to help you do to you help other people do.

As you grow you have more challenges, but you are more prepared for them. If you put in the systems and processes being able to overcome those problems becomes easier.

Am I ready to hire?

Any time one thing takes up 20-30% of your time then it is time to hire someone to do that task.

A big mistake is that we often focus on the cost and budget. You will never get rich pinching pennies. Figure out how to drive revenue. We should constantly be hiring to drive revenue up.

You should always be looking for someone to help you move to the next level.

As entrepreneurs, we think we can do everything, but we shouldn’t. When you hand something off, it isn’t because you can’t do it. It is because you shouldn’t be doing it.

Every time we do something that is not about vision, marketing, our offering, or revenue and we waste our time at something that isn’t pointed at that it is holding us back.

What should our process be for hiring?

You need to do what is best for you and your specific business. Don’t copy what anyone else is doing.

You have to be willing to be wildly pragmatic. You need a clear vision for the job you need to be done. Be pragmatic about the options. Don’t force yourself to fit in the constraints that are out there.

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