Sheila Logan

DEBRA eckerling

DEBRA eckerling

Project Catalyst l Communications Specialist

A project catalyst and communications specialist, Debra Eckerling is the author of “Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals.” She is the founder of The D*E*B Method, and works with individuals and businesses to set goals and manage their projects through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and online support. DEB stands for Determine Your Mission, Explore Your Options, Brainstorm Your Path.

EP 73 | Messing Up Goal Setting

Setting goals can be a chore… especially if you have trouble accomplishing those goals. Join us as our expert, Debra Eckerling shares her tips and tricks for setting and actually accomplishing goals instead of just messing them up.

SUE b zimmerman

SUE b zimmerman

Instagram Marketing Educator

Sue B. Zimmerman is the marketing industry go-to Instagram™ marketing educator. Her high-energy and passion for teaching social media is evident from the moment she takes the stage through her closing comments.

She thrives off interacting with audience members, event attendees, and fellow speakers often making herself available post-presentation to continue to the conversation.

Sue is a popular CreativeLive instructor and has been a featured speaker at the largest social media conference Social Media Marketing World.

She has also taken the stage at:
Social Media Camp, ONTRApalooza, and Social Media Day San Diego, as well as specialty industry events such as GIFTE, UWColorado, and Romance Travel Forum.

EP 72 | Instamess or Instagram?

Instagram changes almost weekly said our expert, Sue B. Zimmerman. Listen in as she tells us the four places you need to be managing on Instagram to reach your followers the best.

KATRINA mcghee

JONI lang

Health and Wellness Educator

Through her own personal journey to emotional healing, Joni learned of and experienced many different holistic modalities. Those experiences led her to the beautiful healing benefits of essential oils. As a Health and Wellness Educator for the past 10 – plus years, Joni loves sharing her passion for essential oils and helping others on their own wellness journey. She truly believes these precious oils are gifts of the earth and can literally change lives emotionally, mentally, and physically.

EP 71 | Niching Saves Your Mess

It’s time to find out how to build your space for greatness so you can make your riches. Listen as our expert, Katrina McGhee shares her steps to niching down so that you actually attract more clients. Not just more clients, but clients who can pay and who want to work with you.

EP 70 | Clearing up Messy Clarity

Finding clarity in life and business can be overwhelming. Listen in as our expert, Kati Kavo shares her advice on how to get clear enough that you know what to do every day. Don’t wait to clear up your clarity. It stops you from progressing and moving forward.

KATIE kahvo

Katie Kahvo is a coach who is super passionate about taking moms from a life of chaos and stress to place of calm, where life can be enjoyed their way. Her clients learn how to connect back in with themselves and how to build confidence in being themselves. They work together on mindfulness, stress, overwhelm and mom guilt so they can really learn to shine as their true selves! Katie brings together women in her group, True You, to build community and have real conversations about stepping into your true self.

TRACI reuter

TRACI reuter

Founder l CEO l Podcast Host

Traci Reuter believes that entrepreneurs and businesses can change the world, and her mission is to support them along the way. As founder/CEO of Divine Social, Traci helps these business owners build/grow their brands so they can focus on providing value to their customers and positively impacting the world. Besides her 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, Traci is blessed with an uncanny ability to take another company’s mission, vision, and message, and get it in front of the right people at the right time through authentic marketing. Traci’s superpower is her ability to visualize each client’s ideal strategy and then map it out for them in a clean, simple way. Traci is certified in all things related to Instagram and Facebook Ads (she currently manages nearly $4 million in ad spend), and she was recently a contributing author for bestseller The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising (3rd edition). She is also the co-host of The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour podcast, where she is a valuable resource for listeners seeking help with social media traffic and advertising strategies. When she’s not geeking out over Instagram ads, Facebook ads and marketing strategy, Traci loves spending time with her husband Rick and their two dogs, Duke & Stella. A New Englander by birth, swept off her feet and convinced to live in the Chicago ‘burbs for 20 years, Traci and her husband sold it all a few years back to follow their dream of Colorado living. If you follow Traci on any social channel, you’ll likely see her on another awesome Rocky Mountain adventure!

EP 69 | Facebook Ad Messes

Wondering if you should run Facebook ads? Listen in as our expert, Traci Reuter shares her advice on who should run ads, how to run them, and how to reach your ideal client.