Episode 78 | Save Your Messy Off-balanced Life

Marketing is all about attracting the right clients at the right time. Join our expert, Jonny Cooper, as he shares his advice on how to get your clients flocking to you and buying from you.

Episode 77 | Messy Customers and Providers

Dealing with customers or clients can be difficult. Join our expert, Jeff Mendleson, and learn how dealing with difficult customers or clients doesn’t have to be so messy.

Episode 76 | Messing Up Work/Life Integration

The difference between work/life balance and work/life integration boils down to honesty. How? Join our expert, Peter Kozody, to learn the secrets of finally reaching the goal of having a successful business and a successful life.

EP 75 | Family vs Business Messes

Many entrepreneurs give up sleep to build a business while raising a family. Expert Connie Dowell shares her tips for how to manage it all instead of losing sleep. She gives her 4 tips for overcoming the family verses business messes we all deal with on the back-end.

EP 74 | Start Up Mess to a Real Business

Being a startup can make some entrepreneurs stressed out and they often wonder how to know when they are out of startup phase, or even how they can get out of it. Did you know Tesla is still in startup phase? Find out more from our expert, Majuj Aggarwal, who knows all about moving out of startup phase.

EP 73 | Messing Up Goal Setting

Setting goals can be a chore… especially if you have trouble accomplishing those goals. Join us as our expert, Debra Eckerling shares her tips and tricks for setting and actually accomplishing goals instead of just messing them up.

EP 72 | Instamess or Instagram?

Instagram changes almost weekly said our expert, Sue B. Zimmerman. Listen in as she tells us the four places you need to be managing on Instagram to reach your followers the best.

EP 71 | Niching Saves Your Mess

It’s time to find out how to build your space for greatness so you can make your riches. Listen as our expert, Katrina McGhee shares her steps to niching down so that you actually attract more clients. Not just more clients, but clients who can pay and who want to work with you.

EP 70 | Clearing up Messy Clarity

Finding clarity in life and business can be overwhelming. Listen in as our expert, Kati Kavo shares her advice on how to get clear enough that you know what to do every day. Don’t wait to clear up your clarity. It stops you from progressing and moving forward.

KATIE kahvo

Katie Kahvo is a coach who is super passionate about taking moms from a life of chaos and stress to place of calm, where life can be enjoyed their way. Her clients learn how to connect back in with themselves and how to build confidence in being themselves. They work together on mindfulness, stress, overwhelm and mom guilt so they can really learn to shine as their true selves! Katie brings together women in her group, True You, to build community and have real conversations about stepping into your true self.