MICHAEL kawula

Michael Kawula

MICHAEL kawula

Expert Entrepreneur | Author

Michael Kawula an expert entrepreneur, author, and Co-Founder of Dinner Table MBA.

Michael is an entrepreneur whose last 3 businesses each hit 7 figures in under 3 years with his third being ranked the 144th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine.

He’s an author, has been featured on CNN, interviewed by Anthony Robbins and featured in over 100 publications over the last few years. Michael has been an entrepreneur since 9/10/2001, has a strong passion for marketing, startups, his family and the Florida beaches.

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DAWN chitwood

DAWN chitwood

CEO & Marketing Director

Dawn has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and brings a 360-degree approach to digital marketing and business. From identity and branding to social media and content marketing to systems and strategy, she innately understands the unique challenges and triumphs of small business owners.

She has extensive experience across platforms. Dawn prides herself on an intrinsic knowledge of the importance of social sharing and engagement in today’s digital landscape. Her professional creativity and tenacious problem-solving often carry over to her other role, as a happily married mother of two with a penchant for DIY projects.


Curtis Howe is the owner of SMRT social and has been growing it for 7 years. Curtis has been building businesses for almost 20 years and had graduated from WSU, Junto Entrepreneur program, BoomStartup Tech accelerator, and Anchor Point Institute.

LORI karpman

LORI karpman

Speaker | Author | Consultant

Lori Karpman is a seasoned, multi-award-winning management consultant (and former attorney) specializing in multi-unit business development as well as professional coaching and training.

She is currently CEO of Lori Karpman & Company, a full-service firm providing all the services a growing brand needs as well as Head Coach at Coach Lori, her executive coaching firm. After a 7-year stint in private practice as a tax attorney, Lori became the Director of Legal/HR to a multi-million-dollar international corporation with 2 foodservice franchises, 1 as a franchisor, the other as master franchisee for QC, giving her a 360-degree perspective on the franchise relationship. 

She also acquired skills in business development, operations, branding/marketing, recruiting, international business and real estate. Nine years later she founded the wildly successful “Zyng Noodlery” franchise for which she garnered several prestigious marketing & branding awards including the pinnacle award from the Ontario Advertising Association & the Canadian Franchise Association for “Outstanding Overall Corporate Image”. This established her credibility as a creative force and took her skill set out of the purely “legal/business” realm.

Within 5 years Zyng was sold to a US development firm and Lori went on to found her consulting/law firm. For the past 15 years, Lori has worked with some of the nation’s best-loved Fortune 500 brands as well as start-ups. The firm serves brands locally, nationally and internationally, with branch offices around the world.

Lori is a prolific writer and engaging/inspiring public speaker on topics relating to business and her personal struggles and challenges, through disease, divorce, death, and financial strife. A natural survivor, Lori inspires others to reach their peak potential through her coaching programs and public appearances. She has an active executive coaching practice which operates under the name Coach Lori. Additionally, she taught the Bachelor level university course Entrepreneurship at John Molson School of Business, renown worldwide for their business program.

Lori has done extensive executive-level, not for profit work in both the public and private business as well as the health sector. She believes that giving back to the community is an essential part of a life of abundance. Lori has been an active member of the Board of Directors of Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, the Canadian Franchise Association, the Quebec Franchise Association, and the public retail operator Hartco. She also served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of St. Andrew’s School a private school for young children 18 months to 6 years old. In that capacity, she conducted a Capital Fund Campaign and raised the $400,000 required to build a swimming pool and park on the school premises. She has chaired many committees including but not limited to Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance, Education, Fundraising, Marketing and Chair of the Annual Convention Committee for the Canadian Franchise Association twice.

IGOR mateski

IGOR Mateski

SEO Consultant

Igor is the founder of WebMaxformance.

LETA greene

LETA Greene

International Speaker | Best-Selling Author

International speaker including two TEDx speeches and author of two best-selling books, Leta Greene doesn’t want to intimidate any of you, but she is known as “HOTNESS.” At 12, she won the Boy Scout arm wrestling competition. None of those boys ever asked her out. Leta majored in Sign Language and graduated with honors. Ironic, she is REALLY good at not talking!

Leta inspires each of us to embrace what makes us individually hot and amazing. As an image consultant and makeup artist since 1999, Leta has helped clients to not only look their best but to feel their best. Leta has also built a multi-million dollar business in the beauty industry and is a sought after trainer for women entrepreneurs.

Her message is one of honoring yourself through being authentic to who you are. It is through humor, stories, and a new way of seeing every day that makes Leta’s audiences of all ages want to hold on for more! Her programs range from Maturation programs for 5th-grade girls, Confidence workshops for tween and teen girls, Joy-full workshops for women Seminars for parents on how to talk to your kids about sex, and as an energetic Keynote speaker for confidence and seminars on resiliency, personal responsibility and of course the Hotness Factor. 

Leta is the mother of Nathaniel, Alisa, and Katelynn. Who Leta and her husband agree are the most adorable children. Just follow her on Facebook and you will see that they are amazing. She says her kids and hubby bring it home for her; anytime she thinks she is too cool, it’s time to cook dinner. She considers her greatest accomplishment that her hubby and children still like her. 

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