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We are currently not scheduling any new interviews. Thank you for considering our podcast!

Our Listeners

Let’s face it, messy back-end is where all kinds of … stuff … goes wrong! It happens in every aspect of our lives and businesses. Our listeners want to hear stories and advice from guests and experts who have learned from their messy back-ends. They need help with their messes and we are here to help.

We are adding an element where we EXPOSE something extra on each episode… AKA The Messy Back-End Exposed!  We will not share names, just the stories, tips, and resources on how to avoid or manage these types of experiences.

We want our episodes to leave listeners smarter, encouraged, motivated, excited, and with a list of tools they need to pivot into their next level of success. With the knowledge our experts provide, our listeners will save time, make money, and succeed!

Be sure to check out the requirements of being a guest expert below.


Before submitting this application, please review the following guidelines to be considered:

We record remotely via Zoom both audio and video. Our podcast will be published on most podcast platforms, some radio, YouTube, social media platforms, and in the future could be shared on some TV stations.


  • Experience and knowledge to help our listeners who are struggling.
  • 10 years experience in their field of expertise, a proven track record of helping clients succeed.
  • An email list of more than 3,000. (Just for the business series)
  • Three or more client success stories they would be share (no names). (Just for business series)
  • Advice for our listeners that they can use to clean up their back-end.
  • Have been on a minimum of 3 previous podcasts and share links with us for review.
  • Email their list at least twice and post on 3 social media platforms each at least twice. We will provide the swipe copy, video, and/or images needed for these shares. (Just for the business series)

All guests and experts must ensure preparedness with these requirements:

  • High-speed internet access (wired internet connection is preferred)
  • Headphones (must be worn during the interview)
  • Microphone (built-in is okay but an external mic is preferred)
  • Uncluttered background that is not distracting
  • Good lighting so we can see your amazing face
  • Access to a quiet room (please silence/power off all gadgets)
  • We are looking for guests to share their messy back-end story of what went wrong and how it affected or is affecting their business. If the guest has tried using a service provider, how the experience helped or hindered their success. (No names of service providers will be shared on the recording.)
  • No swearing or crude language or stories please as our listeners have families who may be in the room at the time of listening.

All guests (except when providing an anonynous story) and experts must provide the following prior to scheduling their episode:

  • A headshot, short bio, and website and social media links for the episode page on our website so we can help promote you.
  • Experts may offer a pre-approved free gift to our listeners. A link will be added to the episode page.

Be As Entertaining as you are Informative!


There is 1 Guest Expert on each episode.

When possible they will receive the Podcast Stories (aka entrepreneur messes) that an entrepreneur submits prior to the recording day.

On the episode, they will share their best tips, tricks, advice, tools, and suggestions to help the guest entrepreneur clean up their mess (aka solve their problem). Sharing client stories and experiences (with or without names) is encouraged.

The topics for the Guest Expert segments are chosen by Guest Expert themselves, then we find an entrepreneur with that need for the expert to address. The topics need to be super specific and be able to be covered in detail in the 30-minute segment. Pack in the value!!

When you are approved we will send guest experts a link to schedule a call to chat and get to know each other. Then we will provide another schedule to schedule the podcast recording.


Entrepreneurs submit their messes (aka questions or problems) for our experts via email or website. We call these the Podcast Stories.

Our Experts will then provide the entrepreneur with tips, tricks, advice, tools, and suggestions to clean up their messes.

If an entrepreneur would like to join us live on the recording, we can work that out so they can ask questions and interact with the expert. Just let us know on the application.

THE SECRET SAUCE: We invite our entrepreneurs back in to reveal how the advice worked or didn’t work.

This is how we all learn and grow! This is the “proof in the mess”.

Any entreperneur is welcome to also remain annonymous if they choose. Remember that all businesses have a messy back-end. You are not alone!

Who Is Listening?

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